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A discussion of Peace describes variations of how to observe quiet time. A discourse depicts identifying Love, experiencing and radiating it. Joy is the result. The spotlight brings these three characteristics of excellence into our symbolic living room for continuous involvement in our lives.

Acquaintance -
THIS IS LIFE evolved from a deeper understanding of unlimited, universal and harmonizing power, an importance of following goals. It encompasses the depths of expression revealing a never-ending venture for closer communication with the inner self.

Life is fresh,
Life is meditative,
Life is blending,
Every drop of universal love;
Creating my sea
Of existence.

Love is the purpose of life. The ethereal result is joy. The entryway to love and joy is to experience peace. The first key opens the door to meditation.

There is a challenge of growth,
the desire for mastery.
Is it effortless
to have peace of mind
When there is an inner
challenge for growth?

I receive the rays of love that shine, sparkling, iridescent ribbons from within and through direction, reflect those love ribbons to others. I can then receive those ribbons reflected from others, as well.

Through acceptance of excellence
the will gives free spirit.
Silver threads with friends,
sparkling ribbons with family
Connect me to this world.
With others threaded and ribboned,
There is a flowing stream of love
through acceptance of excellence.

I can create paradise in my mind and experience it in my life. Jesus said to believe and then receive. If I believe something to be true, I will act on that truth.

A child may learn to believe he is 'no good, won't amount to anything.' Unless there is a reversal of conviction, he will believe it and become what he believes about himself.

I am what I believe about myself. Some traits may not get much exercise and require practice but they will get in line eventually, if given the command , through belief, to do so.

Undesired activity
runs rampant
In all directions
at once.
With prayer
and a little forethought,
Undesired activity makes way
for desired.


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