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by Dusty Reed

Thank you to those who have shared from their hearts to make this newsletter possible! We are still looking toward finding a vision on the horizon to make this newsletter available to others in an affordable way. Road Runner would love to deliver Starburst to all those who requested info at no cost - but… Uncle Sam requires postage! We are making it available here on internet but there are many who do not have use of this medium.

It, hopefully, offers some inspiration and stepping stones for those who are on the path of awakening to Wholeness. I believe we can all gain new insights through the network of sharing!

If you have referrals or care to subscribe to Starburst for friends, contact Dusty. If, after reading Starburst, you have any comments to share with others who have submitted articles, please write to them at their Email address.

Enjoy every moment to the fullest!
- Dusty

By Agatha

As the bee takes the essence of a flower
and flies away without destroying its beauty and perfume,
so thought emotion and deed,
create this life abloom.
So come and sup this elegant nectar of life,
free of all struggle and strife,
Ah, yes this is authenticity at the reflection pool
showing the face of you and me in its pure form
giving joy and ecstasy now being born.

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By Sunny Patten


The spring is a good time to begin new things. The flowers are blooming. Nature is beckoning us to grow. Whatever area you are lacking in will be filled when you learn what you're holding tightly and let go.

The secret of prosperity is to be open, so your good can flow through you out into the world. We always seem to think of feelings as within and money being without. And if we think that way we are probably going without....... it is what we believe. We need to nurture our prosperity from within like all the other positive factors in our life.

When we see we are in doubt as to whether we should or not let go of something. We need to get ourselves out of the way and see what the SPIRIT moves us to do. I have gone overboard in being open and spilling my coiffeurs in the wrong places. It was an old lesson, I thought I had learned. But I had to have a refresher course filled with a lot of work, this time. This time I won't forget that the most important part of being open to prosperity is being good to myself first! If I have nothing good to give you I can't keep my prosperity flowing for me or you.

Therefore, we are more capable of giving when we keep enough for ourselves. That is true with quiet time and other things besides money, also. This is not being selfish. This is taking care of yourself.

Being a responsible parent to the child within. The SPIRIT will nudge you when you should be giving to yourself or others. But too often we shrug off the nudges and do what we want to. What I want may not be as good as the SPIRIT has in mind for me. So I try to leave myself, my prayers and affirmations open to the SPIRIT'S choices.

I knew a fellow once who would leave nothing on his plate because there are starving children in the world. I cannot see how him overeating helps starving children. If he bought less and donated the extra money that might help them. He would be in much better shape to help everyone, if he took care of himself first. This is just using good sense. It is not being selfish.

Another secret to prosperity is where you do your giving. This is a personal spiritual matter but, for me, I have found it works best when I give back to the people, place and things that help me. They help me grow. They help me when I am in need. They help me be a happier person by showing me they care. I've thrown thousands of dollars to the wind on people who don't care about me. It does find its way back to me, after I mend the errors of my giving. When I begin to give to those who help me grow the most and support me in life, it returns. That is how I know this was the lesson. Also, I had to examine and adjust my motives and thinking for my finances to mend.

The motive behind giving to people who don't care, is usually a negative one. The motive behind giving to those who love you and care is usually a positive one. Since like attracts like we need to sow the kinds of seeds we want to return to us. POSITIVE ONES!

Lets all begin spring by sowing positive seeds so we might enjoy living more fully and help others do the same. Prosperity frequently comes to you in different ways. I do what is in front of me to do and depend on the SPIRIT to be my ways and means committee. When I can stay out of my own way and diligently do my part, it works. Above all, believe there is nothing wrong with having plenty of money for yourself!

Two outstanding authors on this topic are Eric Butterworth and Zig Ziglar. I have begun to read Eric Butterworth's book, "Spiritual Economics," on several occasions and always got so busy making money in about the middle of the took an effort to finish it. Zig Ziglar has a number of great books out on the topic of prosperity. In fact everything he writes is great in my opinion.

Be good to yourself and have a prosperous spring!
copyright Sunny Patten, 1998

You can visit Sunny's site at MS Sunshine's Garden or contact here at Email Sunny

Dear Angelic Ones,

"My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord" is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. It reminds me to praise God in all things. The esoteric interpretation of this scripture tells us that the name or essence of Mary, who is speaking these words, means our feminine-feeling nature, energy. As we can see the world changing before our eyes, we notice that is the feminine energy that is ascending in both men and women. The feminine energy in the earth is being repaired and honored. It is our feminine nature that is returning home to God.

You can repeat your challenges and difficulties as much as you want. However, the Divine Alliance that has been promised to us by God is that we are becoming aligned with our feminine nature, no matter what gender your body seems to appear. If you look at the Gift in every challenge, you will see that it has been brought to you to open your heart wide to the God in Yourself and all others.

We are changing! We have started to evolve quickly and dramatically. None of us really wants change until we see the beauty and feel the freedom of how it has worked in our lives.

We are remembering how to listen to our souls, where to look for the intelligent questions, and how to receive the answers. The day is coming when we again become and believe truly in our Higher Self, understanding that TO LOVE is exactly the same as TO LIVE! We are God!

We have been graced with the opportunity to grow in consciousness; in forward motion.

Let's hold hands and walk together awaking to the marvelous journey of our Souls!

I send Divine Love along the journey, knowing that hand in hand we will remember our true inheritance of Divine Grace and Light and live freely in the Divinity of God's true nature!

I give thanks to each and every individualized expression of God that ever has, presently does, and will walk across the sacred threshold of my life. God is, I Am, We Are One!

God is all there is, and Love is all there is.

With Love,
Angel Joan Rev. Joan Fericy is the pastor of Church of Divine Light, Somerset, N.J.
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By Carol S. Sakai

God within the heart of a flower
Wrapping tender arms
Softly caressing the seed of creation
Protecting the womb of the Divine
Blossoming into fullness
Reaching toward the sun
Spreading sweet scent
The flower fades, its petals fall
Bruised by the rain
Torn by the wind
Drying into withering husks
Crackling into dryness
The seed lies dormant
Waiting in the darkness of the soil
Another cycle ends… and begins
Potential lies waiting for
The wet kiss of Spring
Awakening the endless repetition of life.

- copyright Carol S Sakai, 1998

Mutual Dreams Aloft
By Linda Lane Magallon

What is a mutual dream? The most generic definition is, "Something in my dream corresponds to something in your dream." The two classic mutual dreams are meeting and meshing. In a meeting dream event, I see you and you see me. For meshing dreams, we share themes, emotions or symbols; or the wording of our dream reports is quite similar. You dream of gazing in rapture at the night sky; I dream of being surprised to see the stars after I switch off the light.

After researching mutual dreams for 15 years, I have bad news and I have good news. Folks who start sharing dreams with family members and friends or who dream together in groups soon find resonance between their dreams. But there is a good chance that any mutual dreams you spontaneously discover will be shared nightmares. However, the more attention and intention you bring to dreams, the less likely this is to occur.

To put it another way, the Inner Child is alive, but not necessarily well, in the land of dreams. The dreaming self who likes to be social may begin her interactive dream journey as a troubled child, but as she becomes more active, she transforms from wounded to wonder-filled. With helpful and loving fellow playmates, she can increase her ability to resolve conflict within the dream. She becomes an "enlightened" spirit. She learns to fly.
- © 1999 Linda Lane Magallón


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