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Endurance is an eminently adaptable, fascinating and coherent way of life. We can make this life as fascinating and satisfying as we desire.

Many dream about a preferred lifestyle. Is there something that you would like to do with your life that you have not yet summoned the courage to do? Boredom or frustration can try to conceal it and let you think it is not possible. It may be hidden at the back of your dreams, but it is there.

Maybe you laugh and say, "yes, my desire is to be rich and famous." This material will only provide a few practical and focused paths as possibilities for attaining whatever your desire might be. It may stimulate you to step onto your path to experience your heartthrob, your passion, your most preferred lifestyle.

Do you know your heartthrob or have you pushed it into the recesses of your mind, convincing yourself that it is not possible to attain this ideal way of living? If you have several possibilities but are undecided, begin a "seek and find" project. Relax your mind from the surroundings of the moment. Dream big. List all possibilities that you have ever wished that could be an enjoyable lifestyle. If you already know the type of lifestyle you prefer, you are half way there.

In recent years, more and more are taking the plunge to fulfill a heart's delight, regardless of one's previously education and career. We call it personal fulfillment.

Your life is worth expressing in an area that gives you joy. Challenge your thinking. Give yourself occasion to offer gratitude for the opportunity to seek and find what you most desire.

Some are content to follow a solitary life dream. Others desire change. Some dabble with variety without making firm decisions about what their heartthrob could become. It may be an eclectic lifestyle. The freedom to change life priorities results in creative activity. Fear of change, or fear of the unknown keep many from feeling fulfillment. Letting go of security, stepping out and grasping new happenings provide fulfilling experiences.

Geographical changes can offer new experiences in many ways. A change of climate, educational benefits for our children, being closer to family can all contribute to following our ambition. Moving from Detroit to Phoenix will definitely alter recreation activities. Moving to any new geographical area can create new hobbies and other changes in one's lifestyle. What type of activities does the area cultivate? No matter where the move, if it is a place where one has longed to live, it can offer a clean slate, a way to begin anew with hopes, aspirations and activities.

More than one intriguing desire can develop into a full way of life. Once we make the initial decision to say, "yes," to follow our dream, we can look at those hopes that hold highest favor and let a plan for beginning to incorporate them begin to develop.

Creative thinking? Why not? It provides much pleasure in the process and can often open channels of awareness toward achieving prosperity.

I wrote a series of possible scenarios several years ago, all directed toward a single desire. They included various paths possible to get where I am today. Putting them in writing gave occasion for them to have influence in my decisions along the way.

I once wrote a schedule for my ideal day. Through the years, I exercised the regime at various times for a single day. I thought and acted out my day as if I were living my fantasy. Not long ago, I found that schedule I wrote. To my surprise, I realized that I am frequently experiencing that desired agenda as a natural part of my life.

Some other books I have written offer exercises and thought work that will help get you started:


Doors and Keys

Shortcuts to Awareness

Think about what you could enjoy doing more than anything else. What are all the possibilities you have imagined? Make a list and simply write everything. Do not analyze whether they are possible or not. For those that show themselves as a high priority, write every conceivable action you can take to make them become a reality.

Think affirmatively. Prevent any possible limitations as the creative process begins. The practical will take its place as it becomes necessary. Let your heart's yearning have free reign.

Weigh the options with the desires. Can you set aside enough money each month to prevent concern about next month's groceries or light bill? What are you willing to eliminate to make this comfortable? Over-concern about such matters defeats the satisfaction you desire to experience.

The next step is to simply begin a preferred lifestyle part-time to discover how it feels. If it works, a gradual transition can take place.

Would you like to open a craft shop in the little red barn at the edge of town? The "someday I want to" never gets here until we make the decision to start now. Good intentions do not create the space to step into our path of fulfillment. Action does.

Dare to dream. Take a drastic step after you make your "yes" decision. Continue taking one step at a time. Eventually those steps will become leaps into your heartthrob, your fulfilling created lifestyle.

There are ten chapters in this book, including:
Fine Arts


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