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From PATHWAYS (12)

This book is a combination of three of Dusty's other books: "Life Now" - "Life Endeavor" - and "To Be a Servant"

We journey through the beginning stages of the author's pilgrimage of learning how to find purpose and set goals. Each person's path is different. The study guide section of this book provides tools for discovery of what we want and how to get it. We each have an inner desire to gain freedom in our spiritual perceptions. We may have too many should's or should not's blocking the brilliance God makes available to us. We can discover how, through questions presented, to inspire the flow. Once we know our path, we can offer service to others.

Joy in Our Now:
Right now is, with the Lord's guidance, our responsibility. Our concern for this moment is all that is necessary or possible. We cannot do anything about the past and circumstances control the future.

Many people hang hopes and dreams on the future or memories and regrets in the past without receiving the joy of the present moment. If there is a difficult situation happening, we either say it is going to get better or wonder why we keep getting into these dilemmas. We neglect to look at the situation squarely in the face. We can dance it across the room and learn from it. This may happen in a moment.

Evaluating Our Now -
"Are we content with the present? It is time to stop what we are doing, take a deep breath and ask Christ what we are to be doing this moment. We must take personal responsibility, not making decisions for others.

One might ask, 'What if I am driving a car on a busy freeway? I can't stop what I am doing this moment.' They might exclaim, "What if I am over my head taking a swim? I can't take a deep breath this moment.' These are exaggerated examples. They show that by not continuously being in awareness, we might be in pretty deep water before we remember we don't know how to swim.

By asking continuously, we would know the answer before we venture as far as the examples relate. We would know when we were on a busy freeway what we were to be doing.

By scurrying around in busy worlds, we can get so involved with projects that we forget to ask if this is what the Lord wants us to be doing. As with the example of the car on the freeway, His answer would most likely be, 'keep driving!' Once we have gotten into a situation without help, we don't have to hesitate to ask for assistance to get you out of it. The Holy Spirit can lead, with detail, in the direction appropriate for us at the time."

Step 19: Examining the Family Circle -
What do you consider a perfect family? Your picture of an ideal family may be different from what I picture as an ideal family.

To start your imagination flowing, list some possible traits for a perfect family. These provide suggestions for you to begin seeing what you can do to play your part in the family scene. This does not include scolding at other family members, trying to force them to become the persons you think they should be. It does involve action on your part to bring your family into a more loving and communicating circle.

Areas of Existence -
Spiritual life is as natural a part of us as breathing but often leaves our awareness because of demands in other areas. To prevent getting side-tracked, we can find solutions through prayer for guidance and for sighting how to take time for spiritual needs.

How strong is our faith? Do we talk with God about anything? Do we talk to Him about everything? Do we absorb spiritual fuel through quiet time, sharing our goodness with others, studying spiritual mind-stretchers? What other methods can strengthen our faith?"


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