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PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER - current year coupled with month and day of birth

My affairs are making a new start. Entering upon new cycle of experiences. Next nine years depend on what I do NOW. This year is a time to have courage, to make plans and to avoid inertia or indecision. You must look to the future and be willing to change and advance for sake of progress and happiness. It may be necessary to let go of things having to do with past in order to take advantage of new opportunities, so be determined. Do not drift or have fear of the future, for if you do, you may lose out during a 'beginning' time, because in standing still or looking back you are caught in the ebb tide of opportunity, missing the opportunity which is present but which must be seized.

This is not an easy year and you will need to use a great deal of system and organization to get the desired results. This year calls for strength of purpose and clear thinking, but it has an opportunity hidden in its movement if you are alert enough to recognize it. Try to broaden your activities and in meeting conditions or circumstances which come up unexpectedly, call upon your executive ability and originality of thought. Life is now testing your character and your courage. You must show what you have and what you can do.

Study your plans and your surroundings and do not be afraid to take a chance with a new idea or plan, but avoid being impulsive or headstrong in making changes or moving forward. You are at the crossroads and wisdom is needed to get on the right track. It is up to you to do the thinking and planning for yourself and others. You may not fully realize this until the Fall of the year, even though several times during the Spring and Summer you will be called upon to make vital decisions concerning your future and what you want out of life.

During the Spring and Summer take care of your health and that of loved ones. In fact, make an effort to direct all conditions of your life toward a more constructive expression. In April there is a break and a chance to move ahead. Take some action now for improvement. In May, rest and have poise; say very little. August and September bring many things to a head and the Fall can open the way to new opportunities and decisions you may not have counted upon. Keep moving forward all during the year for you may be able to work out your plans earlier than anticipated. December is a practical month - carries a practical number. Be very wise now and get down to work in a concrete manner, upon your former plans.


Strength, courage, ambition, authority and enterprise. Attainment through endeavor, requiring intelligence, ability to judge, understanding of people, and establishment of efficiency and good management. Opportunity for recognition and for broad activity of a progressive nature. Find self in charge of business, property or professional activities which depend upon steady and repeated effort for success. Not always easy number, for it doesn't tolerate weakness in the individual or efforts to escape from facing the issue, but demands full measure of intelligence and application. Recognition and authority are promised, many possessions and property are gained, and a fine success is possible. Expenses are high, so careful management of the affairs and budgeting are necessary. Often there is a big expense necessary to maintain the undertaking during this number. It is not a time to trust to luck. Good judgment and understanding of people are necessary. Problems and disappointments may be experienced through misplaced trust in others. Philosophical studies bring important contacts. It gives opportunity to become a VIP if repeated effort is made. Work intelligently rather than with emotional feeling.

Ambition stirs and a deep desire to better your financial conditions make it necessary to be very businesslike, efficient and practical all through the year. There is a big opportunity in the year for advancement, and improvement of your standing and credit; but conditions are not going to be easy for you will be called upon to exercise good judgment and business efficiency. You must put on a fighting spirit and go after things, but you must also take great care to direct your energies properly. Brains count, and right from the start it is advisable to strike an aim and a goal, and to pick up all loose ends in business, home and property affairs. Organization and reorganization are the keynotes to success and advancement. You are likely to feel a great deal of mental strain in making ends meet and in accomplishing what you have in mind; but this is a business year, and if you are efficient, turn over the details to others and use your head, the year will end with an improvement in position and finances.

It is very important that you do not overestimate your ability or the value of anything you are dealing with, especially in investments or in buying and selling property and in making exchanges. Avoid sentiment and emotion and be businesslike in your undertakings. Do not 'drive' too hard for in this way you can overdo and upset your health. Even in love affairs, do not be too dominant. You must face the facts of what you are doing all year, and quietly and determinedly try to elevate and improve your position. If you are cooperative and helpful to others you should find those in authority recognizing your ability.

About September, after you have made your business attempt, buying, selling and adjusting or exchanging, you will begin to get a whole new idea about the reorganization of your affairs. You will probably decide to be done with something for your own good, freedom and peace of mind. Do not be too materially minded now, for while money is power, you may find more power in being free of something than in trying to hang on. There is a living condition to be met and worked out behind the mental unrest, so you must carry it through for the sake of your character and your future. Others may be against you during the year so be sure your judgment is good. You may move or change your living conditions if you desire in the Spring, but there are a lot of little things to take care of before you plan ahead in April. July may bring, according to your numbers, an adjustment between members of the family and in business partnerships. August brings a feeling of being alone, but accept this to take time to rest and tone up your digestive system. September is the high point, and the Fall will be given over to working out the idea which comes about this time. November tends to give a new start from an old standpoint.


This is a home for progressive, active people who enjoy life and get a thrill from worldly interest and constantly changing conditions. Routine is hard to establish and hold here. Interests outside the home and many irons in the fire prevent a smoothly running domestic life, but give many opportunities for usefulness in public affairs. The coming and going of many people, sudden and unexpected happenings keep life from being dull, but at the same time promote growth, enterprise and resourcefulness. Variety is the spice of life here and living is sometimes hectic, unless this kind of living is enjoyed. Conditions never remain the same over a long period. Impatience and haste are not the best methods. Take time out to rest and relax from time to time.


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