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PINNACLES - Timing the Future - the road ahead

First Pinnacle - represents the spring of life and is very personal - Up through age 35

As 1 is the number of individuality, executive ability and leadership, it forces the individual to stand on her feet and to forge ahead. As the First Pinnacle, it is often a hard period, for the younger person may not be prepared to meet life with force and initiative and may be rebuffed by the hard experiences which must be met to bring out the powers of leadership and executive ability. Sometimes, in trying to understand the forces operating in the life, the young man or woman may be headstrong and have too much self importance, resisting direction, showing a great deal of egotism, and be hard to direct or understand until the right direction for the use of the talents is found from a careful study of the name. It forces the individual to stand up to life, to think and act for himself; and with women, this is frequently sudden or unexpected. At the same time, the opportunity is there to move forward and to develop the personal and often unsuspected talents. There is an opportunity present to be outstanding and at the head of a work or undertaking. It is not an easy period of life, for it demands courage, will and determination to take a useful place in the affairs of the world.

Second Pinnacle - covers the summer of life, the period of responsibility and the family - from age 35 to 44

This indicates duty and responsibility to the family. It also gives an opportunity to do useful, humanitarian works, to help those in need, to teach, heal and to bring comfort to many people, young and old. The time is given to useful work for there is money to be made and a happy, useful life to be experienced. It is not a time for personal thought or self interest, or personal plans only. The affairs of the home, children, love affairs, trust funds, and inheritances, enter in many cases and the opportunity is present to settle down to making money and building up the finances. Health problems may enter in through family or loved ones, and money will be spent in this regard; but through giving and helping at home and out in the world, much can be gained and a useful life realized. It brings love and protection through the family with good enough financial conditions. It represents duty and responsibility which, if accepted, can bring a rich reward and add satisfaction and financial success.

Third Pinnacle - covers middle age and the more mature attitudes of mind. It is the reaping and the extension of consciousness into the natural and international phases of activity. It is the autumn of human endeavor - from age 44 to 53

This is a period of soul development. It is a strongly individualized force. It represents knowledge and understanding of the deeper forces of life - that which is not on the surface. Educational studies, scientific interests, specialization of the talents for outstanding use and recognition should be cultivated. It is the number of perfection and demands the best, but is also proud, exclusive and something of the separatist. When 7 begins to operate, the individual under its influence seems to care less for worldly activities, likes to study or investigate things in a specialized way, desires to be alone and outgrows old associations. When the 7 is misunderstood, its introvert nature may bring about a withdrawal within the self and a feeling of repression, causing problems in family and personal relationships. It is a time to study, learn, to gain skill, and to work for a deeper understanding of what life is all about. Even though money, at times, may seem limited and not all desired, knowledge and skill will bring success and big money. The individual may be restless. These changes result in lack of accomplishment. Seek knowledge and education instead. There is a quiet attraction for money, so poise and faith should never be lost if finances seem difficult. Patience, care and study help attract what is needed. It demands truth and right living. There can be no bluffing or subterfuge while working through the 7 experience. It has a way of finding things out about the self and others. It is not an easy marriage vibration and often partnerships are difficult, with problems, for it can be cold, separate and more interested in the studies and work than in the ordinary worldly activities. When knowledge, understanding and training of the mind have been attained, it brings a fine reward and a power to attract all things, even love. Make contact with those who are interested in the educational, scientific and cultural phases of living.

Fourth Pinnacle - represents the winter of life, so-called old age, and has to do with the human and spiritual welfare of mankind. It gives much opportunity for a successful use of the experiences of the past - from age 53

This indicates order, system, application, practical thought and endeavor. It is the builder, serious and desirous of gaining results of a concrete nature. It is always a manager and builder through placing facts and ideas in their proper order for definite results. The family and in-laws are very often a responsibility and also an accepted duty. The individual must get down to work, manage and organize for definite results. Many times, however, it is a welcome period and a chance to put into form the ideas and plans dreamed of for many years. It may be the first time during the life that the opportunity to organize, build, work and get results in a serious and worthwhile manner is experienced. Many fine works have been accomplished by men and women during the latter days of life, even if just a hobby is developed. It is not a leisure time. The reward is through application and the effort to get tangible results and to keep on the job until it is accomplished, even if practical problems arise.

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