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EXPRESSION - Temperament and Aptitudes

Works with things of beauty. Practical artists, dieticians, professional service in practical manner. Helps others and takes responsibility. Artistic talent. Kindergarten teachers, contractors, architects.

Creative, uses knowledge and facts in creative manner and colors them with imagination and vision. Thinks things out for self and uses imagination to get results. Talks boastfully about self, personal interests and plans. Colors all activity with a touch of fancy. Not too serious. Can be a grand person and interesting talker.

Has good evaluation, sense of form and practical values, colored by artistic feeling. Stubborn, if held down or restricted over too long a period. Likes to have work properly appreciated. Can accomplish in spite of opposition. May be suddenly explosive if not pleased. May resent authority. Tenacious in love affairs and regarding possessions. Sometimes gives up or accepts unfavorable situations in spite of ability and caution.

Great inspiration. Ideas come quickly like a flash.

SPECIALIZED TRAITS and POINTS OF INTENSIFICATION - How I differ from others - Will and initiative to get on in the world:

- less self-determination and inability to stand up for personal rights or to put over personal plans against will of others. Charming, more interested in others than self.

- lack of consideration for others and impatience with sensitiveness of others. Cooperation not present, careless regarding fine points of accomplishment. Kindness from own way - not as others would desire.

- Talent. Imagination very positive; artistic talent (music, painting, acting, designing, writing of novels, and creation of artistic clothing, jewelry and articles which appeal to love of luxury in human nature. Strong self-interest, even selfishness, scattered energies and lack of orderly direction. Tendency to talk too much because of too much emotion may lead to wasted endeavor. Admiration, romance and popularity are important for happiness and continued success. Doesn't like hard, physical work, but, if inspired, will work long and patiently to get results.

- Intense practical tendencies in nature and add to ability to appraise, estimate and know values and worth of material and concrete plans. Concentration is good, ability to understand details and build and put ideas into form is very high.

- Enjoy excitement of public contact. Change and variety stand for progress and growth. Easily move forward into the new. Change means progress and keeps the world moving forward.

- lacking 'sense of duty' not an over-concern for majority of people. This lack generally made up by other qualities and talents needed to promote progress of mankind.

- Analysis, technique, accuracy, observation, investigation and demanding to know reason why. Keen mind, tendency to analyze and question; also discrimination and ability to look under surface with intuitive perceptions and sense of perfection. Skillful in work and clever mentally, do specialized work.

- Self-sufficient and businesslike. Ability to direct, supervise and control others, generally at head of groups or organizations and in positions of authority. Strong in will, mental qualities and efficiency, appears dominant; ambition to attain leads to independent action and thought, often colored with a philosophical attitude of mind. Ability to see both sides of a question, to weigh and balance, gives ability to direct and control others, resulting in recognition and positions of authority. Natural ability to rise to emergencies and keep control of situations.


many artistic abilities, scientific tendencies


influenced by repetitious other numbers I've taken to myself (address, phone, social security, etc.) and watching for negative/extreme input from too many of any particular number:

HIDDEN CHALLENGES - hidden and undeveloped talents

Early in life: 1 may give feeling of being held down, often by relatives or those with stronger wills. Steadier will must be cultivated, finer determination expressed with dignity and self respect. Resentment should be avoided. Fighting against the headstrong action leads to mistakes and unreasonableness. Quick wit, originality and personal ideas should be valued and trained.

Later in life: 1 may find versatility, curiosity, love of change and variety a problem. Deep feeling for personal freedom is present; resentment and impatience may be expressed when desire to be elsewhere is thwarted. Becomes fine asset when place in the public is found and work that allows for promotion, travel, publicity and contact w/crowds or large groups. When 5 becomes dominant, satisfaction in accomplishment is allowed to grow. Make use of quick perceptions, resourcefulness and interest in life's many phases for success. Doesn't like to be confined. Desires and needs new contacts and new places from time to time, but also clings to old traditions.

HABIT - point of security

The whole world gives you opportunity if you are not constantly critical or changeable.

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