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PLANES - type and temperament

Physical -

The Physical Plane represents the body and form. It is governed by instinct and deals with that which can be touched, seen and is tangible and real. It is not much given to imagination or the fanciful and prefers that which is known, pointing to facts, but often going no further than common sense. It shows practicality. This is the foundation of life, for here the form and pattern of existence is maintained.

Many physical numbers give fine endurance, ability to stand hard conditions and, even though the individual may be ill from time to time, the endurance to 'pull through' again and again is there. There will be strong positive opinions and a cautious practical nature, a demand for the things of the world including the substantial and comfortable. Ability to maintain and keep system and order and the gift of application and concentration are talents. There will be more inspiration, more impatience and impulse with less power of concentration, but a practical demand for the things of life rather than dreams.

Mental -

The Mental Plane embodies man's mind and reason. It is the level of mental relationship and analysis, gathering facts, weighing one against the other, not accepting even the apparent, unless it can be proved and analyzed. It represents will, determination, positive states of mind and can be cool and cold in its calculation when imagination tries to color facts. Fine mind, brilliant thought and executive ability give leadership and position.

Many Mental numbers give fine reasoning powers, strong will, determination and executive ability, but, in dealing with a character strongly mental, it is necessary to supply the facts. Reason may rule over the heart, even though love and sentiment are in the nature. Mental numbers give ability to push things through to a logical conclusion.

Emotional -

The Emotional Plane represents emotion, feeling and makes life warm and sympathetic. Facts give way to imagination, inspiration, the vision and creative thought without practical foundation. Sentiment, rather than reason rules the actions, the responses to life and to people, influenced by the affections and love. It dreams of the beautiful and fanciful. Logic is not too important for the plans of the emotional character.

I'm in the 'average' range here.

Intuitive -

The Intuitive Plane represents the spiritual level of inner knowing - higher than facts, higher even than imagination, guided by revelation and abstract impressions. Through intuition, man expresses this divine wisdom and revelation on the mental, emotional and physical planes of action and awareness. The intuitional plane gives mankind reverence, worship, compassion, tolerance, invention, prophecy and that "inner guidance" which touches up and quickens all other levels of living. It is what is meant to "be saved by Grace."

I am in the 'low' range here so it is insignificant.

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