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HEART'S DESIRE - desire to Be or Do in life - inner urge - Celestial Harmonies

Deep in your heart there is sincerity, graciousness and consideration for others. You have an appreciation of the refinements of life, and when you are true to your inner nature you will express these qualities. Peace and harmony mean much to you and influence your actions in everything you do - business, studies and love affairs. You desire to obtain results harmoniously if possible; but you will fight if driven too far, although your tendency is toward persuasiveness rather than aggressiveness. Your almost unconscious urge for harmony may at times make you appear shrinking and even negative when you are really only trying to cooperate with others, as to avoid strife and disagreements. You do things for the sake of 'peace' when you should not, and your gentleness and tendency to act in a non-resistant manner often make it difficult for you to stand up against a more willful or dominant person.

You are cooperative in your thoughts and actions; you love to share with others and to help those who are in need. You depend upon others, too, even more than you care to admit, and you often fear to trust your own judgment. Consequently you often suffer periods of doubt and uncertainty, and sometimes are forced to subordinate yourself when you should be sharing equally with others. You have a natural dread of offending, but you should try to overcome this tendency to inner self-consciousness. It will make you unhappy and cause you to miss opportunities to use your talents and to carry out your Heart's Desire. Your gentle, sweet inner nature is your charm; quiet assurance, impersonal attitude, general friendliness, are your greatest assets; and if you will try to emphasize these traits, they will make you popular and help you win what you cannot force in life. Your sympathy and feeling for others make you appealing and attractive to the opposite sex, but it may result in many disappointments and problems until you learn to be self-determined and stand up for your own rights.

There is a spiritual quality in your make-up in which you may be unaware. From this quality springs your sensitiveness, love of beauty and culture as well as your gift of analysis and ability to understand the finer things of life. It causes you to shrink from everything coarse, crude and unlovely, but when you learn how to use this spiritual force, it will become a dynamic power, a magic key, enabling you to control and direct your affairs far more successfully than any material knowledge can give you. At times you may be indecisive and have difficulty in making up your mind. When you find yourself in this state, 'snap out of it,' and have more confidence in yourself. Forget your fears and worries and what others may think or say. Go after things in your own way, even though it may not be a forceful one. Appreciate the sincerity and cooperation in your nature. Transmute sensitiveness into artistic feeling and the refinements of life. Then you will be able to overcome the obstacles and problems of everyday life and get more 'kick' out of existence. Your ability to mix should assist you in the business world, increase your Vocational assets and aid you in fulfilling your Destiny. Gentleness need not be vacillation or insincerity. Be true to your higher resolves. Share your success with others and you will find life very worthwhile.

PERSONALITY - how others see me

Should always be outstanding - not forceful or aggressive, but dignified and correct in lines and detail. Should never be overweight. Straight lines, loose, but well-fitted are right. Likeable personality and often very persuasive in manner. Should wear and also furnish the home in bright and cheerful colors.

REALITY - final attainment

The opportunity to actually accomplish and put into form many of the ideas not before possible is present. There will be work to do and many practical circumstances to meet in order that a foundation may be placed to build upon. Religious, scientific and educational interests can support and build a useful life. System, order, and organization are important and must be added to the activities. There is a work to be done in the latter days of life.

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