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This is a Sample Reading - Dusty's - Developed in 1989. Please note that each person's chart is unique. Requested charts will contain personal information for each of the titles in BOLD

Birth Force
Heart's Desire
Outstanding Challenge
Personal Year
Race Consciousness
House Number

DESTINY - purpose, field of opportunity, give of self, kind of people communicate with, spiritual mission, what I must do (not, what I Am).

INSTINCTIVE REACTION: sensitive, intuitive, concerned with impression made on others

You are responsive to new ideas, but prefer that they come from your own fertile brain than from that of another. You are not in the least impressed by what others have or do. It matters not if the whole world decrees that something be proper, you enjoy being different. Old reliable methods arouse only antagonism in you. But give you an element of chance, something to do that has never been done before, and you will be all attention.

You do not stop to look around, nor care whether others accompany you. The 'first at the top' generally arrives alone. Alone, but not lonesome, for in your own inimitable self you have a host of good company.


Humanitarian with a sense of humor, an aesthete


Love of beauty, family, humanity, nature, a wonderful sense of humor

Knowledge through experience, oversexed, sensation-hungry, fickle, always eager to investigate the mysteries of life

You have a creative destiny and are required to be the optimist. Your mission in life is to help people realize the magic power of cheerfulness and inspiration. You must realize this for yourself too, for "laugh and the world laughs with you" is one of your slogans for success. "Weep and you weep alone," is equally certain in your experiences. Many people have lost the joy of living and it is your duty and mission in life to arouse their imagination and spirit, until their faith in people and in friendship has been rekindled, and they can laugh again. This may not always be easy for you to do, but this is a part of your success and you should make every effort to live up to it. You were destined to be popular, to have love, romance and money, but this will come to you only as you express beauty, art and inspiration in your own life. Dare to laugh at troubles. Mix sincerity with joy and you cannot fail. Also, if you are unable to express your ideas and character along some creative and inspirational manner, you should train your mind until you can do so easily and naturally. This will open opportunities to you which you could not gain in any other way.

Field of Opportunity - There will be times when you will need to broaden your opportunities. At such times investigate some of the worldly activities which are more creative, fanciful and artistic than the ordinary, practical lines of endeavor. Study and engage in interests which will give you more ease of expression in words and feeling, whether in literature, drama, commerce or business. You have a part to play, even a career, along the lines of imagination and creative undertakings. The art of words, constructively used, will take you far in life. Don't talk too much, or wear your heart on your sleeve, but enjoy life and help others enjoy life, too. Keep optimistic and you will be the center of admiring groups. Friends are important in your life and you should cultivate the art of being a true friend. Mix with people who have a constructive philosophy and a comeback when things go wrong. Do not be afraid of the public and take an interest in the opera, theatre, charity, children, all the arts and crafts, religion, and all activities which amuse, entertain, and inspire the people. Through these you will find help, assistance and friendship and be able to do good in the world.

BIRTH FORCE - positive vocational indication

You are the leader type, strongly individualized, and demand the right to think and act according to your own ideas and convictions. You have a keen perception, good concentration, ability to get ahead, to direct and lead others and to establish your own business if you desire. You have executive ability, will power, courage, and are quite capable of overcoming any barrier to your success when you make use of your creative ideas. You are, or should be, selective in friendships, and have quite a sense of humor. You love the nice things of life and are sensitive to your environment and to what others think of you. Life should never be dull for you if you make the best of your initiative, executive ability and original ideas, for you have strong powers of attraction which will lead you into interesting work and experiences. Broad vision, magnetic force and inspiration enable you to carry out your plans in a big way and for financial reward.

The negative side of your character is shown in the following ways, and you should keep this side under control. Use your strong will and determination to avoid intensifying these qualities or allowing them to become 'set' or 'fixed' habits. Dominance, egotism, bossy manner, impatience with the opinions of others, over-confidence in yourself, or 'knowing it all,' refusal to take advice or to be told, selfishness through too much interest in your own plans and, at times, vacillation and indecision are to be avoided.

You have unlimited opportunity through active mental interests and undertakings. You can be very successful through developing new projects, for these bring out your initiative, originality and executive ability. New places, new situations, original and unique ideas, are better than old and bring out your latent powers of invention, promotion, origination, designing, illustrating, writing and speaking. Governmental activities, bookstores, art and antique shops, health matters are open to you. You could work as the head of departments or as director and leader of creative industry, and in lines of business having to do with maintenance of social position; also the field of amusement and entertainment is your scope of activity, for you have a sense of humor and enjoy wit and comedy. Schools and colleges may claim your interest, and all types of business which are outside the established order of things

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