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From LIFE NOW (10)

We journey through the beginning stages of the author's pilgrimage of learning how to find purpose and set goals. Each person's path is different. The study guide section of this book provides tools for discovery of what we want and how to get it.

Pleasures Now:

"Love is like an underground stream. The energy is there even though we cannot see it. Springs surge to the surface and burst forth. These springs represent humanity, displaying more power than can be observed of the stream beneath the surface. There is connection with creation and connection with one another through the stream. We are not separate forces springing up from different pools. We are a part of the same flowing stream."

Peace and Contentment:

"Another way of bringing yourself into the moment is by becoming aware of everything that is happening now. Make it a special practice. by using all your senses, notice what is happening around you, what is happening within you.

What colors can you see? What is the fragrance of the grass outside your door? What rate is your heat beating? How does your body feel? What are the different sounds you hear? This is a simple exercise and you can add questions to ask yourself as your imagination allows.

Practice brings awareness of peace and tranquility as ever present states of being. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy the pleasures of life and reevaluation of the use of your time. Acceptance of being reveals peace. Peace reveals contentment. Contentment reveals joy."

Take Time:

"I want you to experience at least a three-day retreat within the next two weeks. Having a personal retreat can be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

You can think of a thousand reasons why this would not be possible. I can give you one response that confronts any excuse you may have… 'Try it.'

As I said earlier, it may not be possible to travel to a serene, quiet place but you can have a personal retreat. Be thinking about what you would like to do most during your three days of personal meditation and enlightenment.

This is your time, even if there might be a few intermissions for you to communicate with other members of your family. Discuss this project with your family and set a desired time. Your family may even want to have their retreat(s), as well.

Take a few moments of quiet time and put this in your memory. Now, write two courses of action you would like to see take place during your retreat."


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Sit Still and Succeed

Life Now material is not for entertainment. It is for personal study. Our Centre's contribution is educational and spiritual. Focus is upon awakening harmony within, which we believe then affects the universe. Commitment, courage, joy, peace, love, creativity and being true to the inner knowingness of harmony with the universe are continually embraced. Awakening to beliefs and qualities of aspiration are the primary convictions at the heart of Life Now.