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"Our business in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of ourselves." - Malbie D Babcock

"Practice, practice, do it again" is the first line to a little song my son learned from Sesame Street several years ago. The lyrics are good words for grownups, too. How often we give up a venture because it has a difficult appearance! We miss many experiences for both enjoyment and growth by not practicing until they become mastery.

My current practice deals with spontaneous talking. I can chatter endlessly but my desire is to pass along something worthwhile. It takes practice.

I often ask myself, "why didn't I say that when I was talking," or "why did I ramble on like that without saying anything worthwhile?" I consider lightly what I did or did not say and try again next time. The more I consider conversation as practicing, I can "do it again," until someday, much more of what I say will be desirable and worthwhile conversation.

What do we reveal to others about ourselves? Do we show a favorable personality, full of joy?

What traits are within, waiting to be exercised. A list of favorable adjectives can be put to good use.

A list of traits as observed by others can be a helpful tool. Keeping our desired traits in awareness and practicing those we desire for others to see can offer a healthy exercise.

What talents do we desire to bring to uor surrounding world? Is there a special enjoyment? Baking bread, playing a musical instrument, painting, public speaking, a craft, visiting with shut-ins, working with flowers or puttering in the garden can provide a wealth of gifts we can offer to others. Developing a talent into aservice brings rewards rich beyond measure.

Life is for joy in every moment. Being happy with ourselves comes through giving of ourselves.


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