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Faith receives exercise through imagination and observation of the viewpoints and beliefs of others. The universe provides an open mind.

All beliefs that provide excellence are acceptable to Nature. Per chance, we might be in a state of reincarnation, perfecting our spirit through each learning life cycle. It is a possible that man can have such a close communication with the Universe that he knows what is to happen in the future. Predestination might be a possibility - everything happening for a purpose - with only the Universe knowing what is appropriate. Jesus died and ascended into heaven to allow the Holy spirit to return to be with us. These are possible concepts for us to ponder, regardless of what we have been taught to believe. What we believe makes a difference in excellence power.

Some of us are afraid to explore these possibilities. Some of us are unwilling to ask for guidance in exploring and then allowing expression of what is good. We assume we know what is right. This blocks the entry of other possibilities for Creation to work through us. The answers are unique for each creature.


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Info about Life Now Seminar. This is an online email study. It allows the experience of discovering the inner self.

An annual membership to Life Now is available, which provides a ten percent discount on any material ordered, including books on special.

Two subscriptions are available through Life Now. These are bi-monthly newsletters (10) issued through regular US Postal Service. They are each eight to ten pages and contain articles and poetry by regular columnists and guest authors.

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Numerology is an ancient science. It has been recognized through the ages that names play a vital part in directing and influencing our lives. Find out more here about how you can obtain a personalized analysis.

Sit Still and Succeed

Life Now material is not for entertainment. It is for personal study. Our Centre's contribution is educational and spiritual. Focus is upon awakening harmony within, which we believe then affects the universe. Commitment, courage, joy, peace, love, creativity and being true to the inner knowingness of harmony with the universe are continually embraced. Awakening to beliefs and qualities of aspiration are the primary convictions at the heart of Life Now.