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Cause into Effect

Many of the techniques are simple variations with the same ultimate cause and affect. The new creation and results give a refreshing perspective.

Because they are new ways, they bring interest, intrigue, assurance and results.

Each new dimension of awareness becomes an identifiable form and blends to enrich the wholeness.

I enjoy star-hopping. (Is that a good name for the awareness games of life we journey through?)

Here is some of what I have played with on my playground and discovered as my preference now.

If you choose to discover the significance of colors for you, allow these descriptions to be modified by your own perception and experience.


We take a color through our body. Then we take it through the right side and then the left.

The right side is masculine, ruled by left side of brain. It is important to blend the masculine (thought) with the feminine (feeling) to experience fulfillment.

BROWN - is ordinarily a feminine earth color and indicates a strong connection with the physical plane.

GREEN - is a growth color, which can symbolize a healthy expansion or change in attitudes, beliefs, or way of life.

BLUE - is the color of creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Like the sea and sky, which are among its symbols, it indicates a feminine nature, or the feminine side of a masculine nature. Pilot light blue color can be visualized in healing work to erase trauma and pain. Blue can also indicate positive self-expression and confidence.

YELLOW - is the color of intellect. It represents the process of changing the unconscious to conscious awareness.

ORANGE - is a healing color. It represents cell regeneration. It indicates a masculine nature or the masculine side of a feminine nature. It can mean the process of healing or reorganizing priorities physically or emotionally.

PINK - is a color of intuition and instinctive knowledge as an aspect of love.

RED - is the color of warming to life. It represents influential emotions such as anger, vitality, or ecstasy. Dark red is likely to suggest repression, troubled emotions, while a bright, clean red signifies intensity and passion.

PURPLE - is the color of holiness and devotion.

VIOLET - and lavender indicate personalized feelings of spirituality.

GOLD - is the color of pure intuition and self-knowledge. Mystics and other people in states of bliss are often seen sporting radiant golden halos. Gold is a masculine color, often represented by the sun. In healing work gold is a cleansing color used to clear all types of congestion.

SILVER - the feminine color of the moon, is similar in meaning to gold though seen less often. Silver in the aura usually means a feeling of power.

WHITE - is the color of the highest spiritual attainment, purification, and enlightenment. Awareness may be through prayers of others and strong personal affirmations.


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