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Refreshing sense of cleansing
with the myriad crashing sound
of sixty foaming white caps
breaking on the rocks
ferrying away rejected dross.

In contrast to stark reflection
dazzling across the water,
Immediately behind me lay
the fuzzy barefoot softness
of freshly cut bluegrass,
into novel crevices overflowing
along the rocky shore.

Watching, not really watching
Listening, not really listening
Thinking, not really thinking
Just sitting on the dock,
Just sitting.


Creativity is my pixie
Dancing to and fro,
Planning and designating,
Taking front and center,
Directing the show,
Bringing happiness and fun.
Thanks to creativity,
my pixie.

Full Circle

Knowledge can be an asset
if respected
and handled with care.
It comes by making full circle
and allowing wisdom
to occupy the density.


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