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The book, "Words of Life," is a compilation of seven inspirationals taken from personal experience. Along with the article presented here, it also includes a four-step exercise for exploring interests, how all parts of self can blend to provide a fruitful life, a dramatic experience as houseparent for mentally handicapped children, a parenting guideline, suggestions for discovery of one's community, and an essay on offering service to others.


Life is as unique as a kaleidoscope. Every day is different. Every moment is different. Each moment is like a singular snowflake. It either melts away to forgotten land or it adds to itself other flakes to make a sparkling blanket. As the blanket grows, it develops more beauty in the slopes and mounds of landscape. Life expresses in much the same way. Each moment adds itself to others. As these grow into days and years, you become an image of joy and an expression to behold. As a kaleidoscope, these moments are ever changing to give new joy.

What perception of yourself would you like to attain? The capability is yours for achieving this picture, although the patterns leading to the destination may alter. You can have the portrayal you hold of yourself. Once you reach a chosen vision, you will most likely be ready to continue striving toward a new, more Christ-like panorama. Changes occur every moment leading to a never-ceasing attraction toward Christ. The good news is you have His perfect assistance in leading you toward these goals.

Begin right where you are now. Don't allow yourself to insert any unfavorables. You can get where you would like to be. Ask the Lord to take your hand and show you what steps to take. He will help you reach the patterns that will lead you to your vision. Don't try to turn the wheels too fast; you may miss it. Let the Lord lead you. Once you have developed favorable thoughts, try them and build additional patterns with them. Carry your vision wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Continue practicing favorable thoughts and evict anything unfavorable. Notice, I say "practice." A kaleidoscope builds a pattern. A snowflake collects moisture to change its shape. God's creatures - people - practice life by taking His hand to follow His path. In God's presence is fullness of joy. At His right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).

We are God's kaleidoscope. In us He is building a perfect Bride.


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