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225 Keomah Village, Oskaloosa, IA 52577 vol 2 issue 1


by Amy Noel

Weaving light into words
words into feelings
and doings
and beings
nurtured by Gaia
watered by tears
warmed by Apollo
we grow
we love
we peace
weaving light into words...
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ROAD RUNNER by Dusty Reed

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"May you live all the days of your life."
- Jonathan Swift

by Sunny Patten

The meaning of freedom is diversified. Freedom is usually viewed in an outer sense. The outer freedoms are real but there are inner freedoms, also. The inner freedoms are frequently overlooked and misunderstood. Then there is a point of interaction between the inner and outer blend or conflict with each other. It is much easier to obtain freedom once it is understood.

Let's look at what we see as the outer freedoms first. These allow us to choose where we go. These allow you to choose what to wear. These allow you to choose who to see. Or do they? Once we see them written down, we can see how much they are a part of a whole instead of independent of the whole. We see outer freedoms as attached to intellectual decisions. They are but that isn't the whole picture.

The inner freedoms are dependent on the outer freedoms, as well. We can make choices based on inner feelings. What appears to us as outer freedoms is the vehicle we express these choices through. We can make intellectual decisions and still process them through our inner senses. In fact, this is the only way to make long term decisions that are in tune with our Divine Purpose in life. If we don't know what our Divine Purpose in life is, we don't know the true meaning of freedom.

Many times we speak of confinement being the opposite of freedom. We feel confinement is something others do to us when the truth of the matter is we confine ourselves. We are the only person who can give ourselves freedom or confinement, even if another chains our body to a tree. We have the opportunity to mentally create our freedom for the moment.

Most of us have choices. Many don't believe this. We've heard a lot about career changes in the last few years. That is an excellent example of our choices. We can choose to stay in an outer confinement and create our freedom from the inside. Or, we can sit down and look within to see what we really want. Many don't know what they want. They figure they can't do what they want so why bother in finding out what it is.

The job you don't like drains you of energy. The job you do like increases your energy. When you are tired from doing something you like, it feels different. Think about it and you will see what I'm saying. This is the clue whether you are feeling confined on your job or free. The two really are different sides of the same coin. They must be in harmony with each other for you and your loved ones to get the most of your life.

Another person can't find out your purpose in life. Therefore, another person doesn't know what is freedom and confinement for you unless you tell them. If you think another is the cause of your confinement, re-examine the reasons you are where you are. Re-examine your purpose in life. See if they are in harmony with one another. If they're not, find out how you can align them. You will not only be happier, you will add longevity to your life! Stress kills! Stress is the result of people trying to fill multiple needs of others without stopping to see what they want out of life.

Take time to look within and find out what your purpose is. Then weigh your commitments and actions with the purpose and see if they blend. If they don't, re-choose your direction. Don't waste precious time and energy running down a road that turns into another's dead-end street. Eventually the truth will dawn and you won't then say someone else made you waste your life or that someone stole your freedom from you. No one can. Only you can give your personal freedom away. This is a universal truth.

Freedom is knowing ourselves.

- copyright Sunny J Patten, 2000
You can read other articles by Sunny at Ms Sunshine's Garden

by Agatha

Secret Place

Let not the intellect
nor the clanging of a noisy mind,
keep me from searching
until I find,
that sweet peace of knowing
that secret place
where love does dwell.

Oh, speak my heart
loud enough that I can tell
love is alive and well
in that secret place where
love does dwell.

Self talk
by Agatha

Self move out to dance in glee,
free from doubt or fear
for all eternity.
How bright the light does shine.
Inside out.
Yes, dear Self we dance with glee
expressing all the beauty we can be.

by Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin, RMT

Are There Neutral Thoughts?

Everything in life on this planet is very simple. There are basic keys given us to know this. When we forget or choose to ignore them, we suffer needlessly.

One of the very basic keys is that thoughts are things. Thoughts are energy. They travel through timelessness into unlimited boundaries. They are what our belief and intent is composed of. They bring about our experiences that are the exact and immediate results of our thoughts. Nothing is accomplished, created or invented on this earth without the thought first. Napoleon Hill once said, "All that you can conceive, you can achieve."

His son was born with no ears, but he was determined that his son would be able to hear. He was determined that he would find a way to make this happen. It did happen through his love, intent and belief.
Example: Thought = action = experience
Belief = action = result
Intent = action = result

There is no thought we can have that does not have a result or manifestation of that thought. Our belief behind the thought has given it power to manifest whatever it is that we believe. Our subconscious is our genie in manifesting anything that we want, need or believe, be it right or wrong. It is not a judge of what is right or wrong, it merely acts on our behalf and brings to us like a magnet all that we have placed into its hands to do.

Life is not about arguing who is right or wrong. You can be right all the time but miserable because of your "rightness". It is not important that you be right, but it is important that you be HAPPY!

Another very important and basic key is that no thought can come into our mind and occupy our attention except that we have chosen to entertain its presence. Everything is choice. If we want to believe something and believe it is right, no one can change our minds about it except we ourselves.

No one can put a thought in our mind that we are sick, or that we deserve to be sick except we ourselves. No one can put a thought in our minds that we are poor, our vision is bad and our body is ugly except we ourselves. Another basic key is that we have to take charge of our thoughts at all times for there are no neutral thoughts. This means there is no thought we could ever have that would not bring about its causal result. This is an immutable universal law. If we have a thought that we realize could do us harm then we do have the power to say, "CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL", and it will be canceled throughout the universe with no negative effect whatsoever upon us.

Another basic key to living a life full of simplicity is that of being grateful for everything that life gives us what it does according to our thoughts. It decrystallizes all the negative energy we might have stored up in our bodies. The energy might have been stored as arthritis, tumors, cancer, AIDS, gallstones, high blood pressure or diabetes as the result of our crystallized fears. Living a life that is simple, filled with love and happiness and not filled with stress, strife, fear, hatred or anxiety will bring you many blessings that have been hidden from your awareness.

The way to live that simple life is to use the Key of Love, Unconditional love and not conditional love. What is unconditional love? It is love that requires nothing of another. It does not judge another as stupid. It does not judge another as threatening. It does not judge another as incompetent. It does not judge. It does not draw energy from another for its own purposes. It does draw its energy from whatever name you choose to call it, Universal Source, Prime Creator, God, Goddess or Supreme Being.

Unconditional love towards everyone and everything will bring you the magical results that you are seeking. The intent behind your unconditional love creates the action you must take that will bring about the good you deserve.

Everyone gets back love only when they send out and radiate total unconditional love to themselves and others. There will be no mistake as to what type of love comes back to them because their intent is not to harm or take energy from another for promoting themselves higher than another.

What is Unconditional love? It's total, and complete forgiveness of others and ourselves. It is knowing there is no need for forgiveness in the first place because we merely saw the situation through conditional love eyes and we were mistaken about what actually happened. It is not needing to be loved because you know you are Love and you are complete. It is not demanding. It is patience.

Unconditional love allows everyone the right to make the decisions that are best for her. And it approves of their choice because it knows all decisions are based on the information we have at the time of making the choice. It knows that there are no neutral thoughts and that thoughts are things.

It knows that thoughts are energy and have form. It knows that whatever we wish to create in our lives shall be done because of our intent (belief) behind the thought. Unconditional love allows our loved ones the opportunity to experience the consequence of their choices whether It feels that it would be right or wrong for them or not good for them to experience the consequences.

What is conditional love? It is a conditional love that only loves when someone does something for you to "deserve" your love. Conditional love gives its power over to some other object or another person and resents it later on. This strong energy towards that person or condition takes lodging somewhere within the body and multiplies.

Don't Lose Your Power

You lose your power by consenting to choose to give your power over to that person or thing. You then become angry at something outside of yourself so you won't blame yourself. But in essence you really become angry with yourself for losing control.

Conditional love only loves when the daughter does what you want her to do. Conditional love only loves when the son does everything you want him to do. Conditional love criticizes those who do not do what you want them to or who do not do things the way you think they should be done.

Conditional love hates, discourages, breaks down self-esteem and takes energy from another to make them weak and not believe in herself any longer. Conditional love intimidates, and interrogates. Conditional love sees everyone as wrong and unlovable. Conditional love tries to embarrass others in front of others. Empty Handed Is Not What You Want

People who engage in conditional love do not realize that all the negative energy that they put out towards another under the guise of unconditional love comes back to them leaving them empty handed of the love they feel they deserve. They only get back the conditional love conditions they send out because thoughts are things and they manifest all that they send out. The same energy they send out is what they receive and they can't understand why they are unhappy and why they can't seem to find love.

Remember we have the power to control what thoughts we accept as ours. I always say to unwanted thoughts, "The Holy Spirit is my only invited guest", (ACIM) and I also know and remember that my human creations have no power over me no matter how real I try to make them. Your thoughts have power. They are the spoken Word and that Word is our gift from God.

The faith and energy we put behind our every intention gives the goals the power to manifest boldly and securely in our lives. What is more difficult to manifest in our lives? Nothing, if we but believe that it is possible. It was my intention to sit in the seat of receptivity of my highest good which entailed, a child with Chris, a better place to live, debts paid off, a metaphysical center and church, a computer to do the necessary books, articles and newsletters. Believe that you too can make your life a blessing for all whom you come in contact with as well. In the next few pages of this chapter, I am hopeful you will be inspired by the action and power behind your intention.

An Excerpt from Ms. Doolin's Book Super Vita-Minds: How to Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself used by permission from Padaran Publications. Ms. Doolin's book can be purchased at most fine bookstores or ordered at Email:
Daya Devi-Doolin, author, Reiki Master Teacher and Co-Founder of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary in Enterprise, will be discussing her book Super Vita-Minds and signing it on Saturday, August 19th at Borders Books, 1-5 PM, 2240 E. Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale. She and her husband Chris will perform original music that evening from their album as Level 7 at Borders at 8 PM to 9:30 PM. Both events are free to public. On Sunday, August 20th, they will perform at 6 PM at Liberties Fine Books 888 E. Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale. Call for more information (407) 668-9884.

by Indoma

To rush or not to rush! Is this a reasonable question? To some of us, yes. For others of us, we say, "What's the hurry?"

The excitement of living the good life! Although I rarely rush anywhere, I have found myself speeding to absorb and digest principles of the good life. As quickly as I grasp one, on the heels, I am there of the next. I want it all. I cannot wait to get it all.

Just recently I realized how deeply I had delved into ALLOWING. It was not until I saw a post on one of the lists that appears daily on my 'puter that it occurred to me. Yet I had not used the word ALLOW at all. I would call 598 unique and individualized "allowing" statements over the past month as deep delving.

Each statement emerged as I was working on a concept of spiritual law, to make sure it was "alive" in my life. The ALLOWING part is this: most statements in the project begin with the word "Let." With my first statement, "Let me develop the love nature within myself", I felt as though a fountain had opened up within my being and was flowing, no, gushing out volumes of love in a never-ending stream. In all directions and covering every thing and every one in the path of the stream.

I basked in the warmth of this flow of love energy, more intensely than ever before. I knew I could stay in that space forever, but before I could do anything else, out came two other love statements. "Let love be manifested." "Let love be alive in me." With each of these, I could "see" the flow of love energy, enveloping and pulsating all. I could feel, as now during this writing, the excitement of my cells as they join with the love energy flowing within. It is that with these statements, that which I requested, that is, what I allowed came forth into being immediately.

I moved swiftly to allow the statements emerge and found an interesting sight. I uttered the words, "Let there be..." or "Let ... be..." and there appeared what seemed to be a stage. My words were like magic, the curtains opened as my words were pronounce, whether aloud or silently. The curtains opened and whatever I had requested appeared. I cheered.

This clicked for me. After all the years of Unity, it finally came together for "building a consciousness." In a flash, each "Let there be..." became a seed. So you can say I planted at least 598 seeds over the past few weeks.

In the weeks prior to the first "Let there be...", I had primed the consciousness. Yes I had studied works I must have read years ago. Also, I did a lot of cleansing and clearing out -- letting go unworkable beliefs as they came up. I'd catch a fear here and there. It showed its head and out it went. The rush was on.

I felt in an all-fired hurry to get the job done. I would hear statements people around me made. I would hear things on TV that would get my attention. Uncomfortable attention. I knew it needed to go.

You might know, the statements I heard were directly connected to that part of consciousness on which I was working. The one that fascinated me most occurred when I was working on building a wealth consciousness.

You have likely seen the "Feed the Children" infomercial. Fewer than 30 seconds was all I needed to realize that these programs perpetuate poverty. That's about as much time I heard the woman telling her plight.

It was crystal clear to me that no matter how much money people send in to projects such as Feed the Children, and no matter how much money we give to the homeless, if they do not shift from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness, nothing will change. The important thing for me in this is that I have seen a few moments of those kinds of appeals for years, but it had not ever hit me.... smacked me so firmly.

Just as the Feed the Children project got my attention, I read a piece I had heard many times and realized why I had not been able accept the rationale proponents for the death penalty use. They call the death penalty a deterrent against future violence and claim that it will save other innocent lives. ABSOLUTELY NOT SO! It is consciousness, not events, that will bring about the change. Just a consciousness of pure self love makes it impossible to harm a single soul, even with a thought.

The rush is on.

What keeps me from rushing out headlong to do something about these so-called errors? Well, you might know that in my consciousness building is a series that focused on "Let there be Wisdom"; "Let me follow the guidance of Spirit."

I had already made the commitment to follow Wisdom and Spirit in the earlier stages of this piece of growth. Among the most recent bits to emerge in this rush is that I would develop intimate relations with the spirit of Wisdom as well as the spirit of Love and Health and Wealth. Yes, "Let there be...." infiltrated here also.

These aspects of Spirit help me as I steer my energies. I just ask that this one or the other appears and then I ask whatever I desire and the information just "pops" up. Since I started this new plunge into spiritual consciousness a number of things have happened that I can report.

The first thing I noticed is a pick up in my brokering business: increase in customers and outstanding cooperation among the parties involved in the transactions.

The next is "favor" - a company I represent changed all its brochures and report forms. I had a large number of these items on hand. About a month ago, another rep of the company told me about the changes. We had not talked about the company business in months. Needless to say, he decided to make an eight hour drive to pick up new forms. This trip was within the company's time-frame for exchanging items for free. I received notice of the change in items just a few days ago, but with no information about the free exchange.

Another thing happened: Without any particular focus on our relationship, a friend who had distanced herself started calling again for just general chatting.

I designed a new product for my company and started its production and testing. Already it is showing great promise. Everyone who has seen it delights in the product.

These are just a few very tangible outcomes and I have seen numerous intangible results I can attribute directly to this rush to apply spiritual law.

This rush began as I launched a more intense study in spiritual law, wanting to make it alive in me. It moved forward quickly as I started "Let there be..." and it is still going. Where it is going... moving more and deeper into spiritual consciousness. Learning more each day to live from spiritual consciousness rather than just from sense consciousness. The beauty. The joy. The magnificence of it all.

Love Energy Flowing to You - Indoma (aka Neeta)
Celebrate your wonderful, affluent, power-filled life!
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by Dusty

It provides pleasure in the process and can open channels of awareness for achieving prosperity.

Think about what you would like to be doing more than anything else. "Is there any possibility of developing this into a profitable income?" This may not be your goal. You may choose to do something just for the sheer enjoyment of doing it!

Brainstorm. (I prefer to call it MISTing - MInd STimulation). Let your mind play with any possibilities. Write ideas on paper. Think favorably. Prevent limitations as you begin the creative process. The practical will fall into place as it becomes necessary. There is no place for it in the beginning stages. Let your imagination have full reign.

Think of any possible ways you could develop your hobby into a financial resource. Write a few suggestions as action steps you could take to get a business rolling in this desired field.

Invest as much time as possible through the next several days developing ideas. If you put it away too soon, it will just remain a "someday I would like to..." By running it through your entire creative process right away, you may be saying, within a short time, "I am beginning now to make this work!"