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vol 2 issue 2


by Christine Sfarzo

Our society has been inventing ideas from our minds alone. We have forgotten how to think with our hearts. Our hearts are where the truth lies of who we are. Since mankind has not followed the right livelihood, our earth is unbalanced due to the negativity (karmic forces) we unconsciously keep releasing from our mortal ignorance.

Instead of following our hearts with purpose this lifetime, we chose to live in our minds creations of fear, doubt, greed, power, ego, selfishness, etc.. all these come from our minds alone.

If we realize that we need to think with our mind, body, spirit as One - Rather than thinking with just our minds, alone - We would bring balance back onto this planet, Earth. We should be thinking with our hearts bettering our planet and mankind from learning and teaching each other what we know and do with Purpose during our lives. Where is greed, power, selfishness, ego going to get us in the end? Are we going to take all this material stuff with us? What is our motive and mission for being here this life time?

We forget how every human, animal, plant, tree, ocean, lake, stream are spiritually connected. We build, we control, we possess, we give and take back. What happened to Give and Receive? What happened to give without expectation? No wonder our Earth has deteriorated to the level it has become. No wonder God's creatures are being killed by our abuse, neglect, and abandonment. We even play God by deciding which animal has the right to live and which animal does not.

Once we all realize our true identities and our potential for them -We will begin to live in harmony of Love, happiness, and peace. Our hearts are the key to the truth. Our hearts are the door to our Spirit within our Spiritual World. Jesus Christ is waiting to fill our hearts with God's love. We need to seek within and Face The Truth. Do we not remember what Christ has Promised Us? "Know Thyself". We turn our heads away because we have been taught that we are bad sinners. What happened to the true meaning of the Lord's Mission for Us? Face your mistakes and forgiveness. The main reason God had sent the Lord here to die for us. Without facing and acknowledging this Truth, we will never come to peace within ourselves and realize our purpose for being here. We closed our hearts; and sadly, we turned our intuition off from seeing the Laws of Nature that keep trying to get our attention.

We are marching to work like ants with our antennas up, going the same path to and from work every day. Punch in Punch out. We are becoming and living like robots. We are living in an illusion of a Material World. Our spirits will not need any of this material stuff we keep relying on as humans. Is this not what is destroying our planet? We are building so fast that we are pushing all the wonders of nature, provided for us from God, until it doesn't exist anymore. Where is the balance? Where are our hearts? Does mankind want to live in anger? Live in and breath dirty air, water. Wake up to sounds of cars and ambulances and, not to the sounds of birds, frogs croaking, crickets chirping? We are intelligent beings, with knowledge and resources carried deep within us. We are so closed minded that we have become unaware of the Synchronicities of Nature around us. We do not see, sense, feel, and hear the energy forces from God speaking to us. An open mind and willingness to look within is what will help become aware of our surroundings. We have the abilities that we have, yet, to un-tap. Why are we following the external way of thinking in life? Rather, we should be following The Right Livelihood -The Spiritual Way of Life.

We all have forgotten where we come from, and Who We Really ARE.

You can visit Christine's site at Healing Time

ROAD RUNNER by Dusty Reed

The first color of Autumn is as a breath of fresh air as I go for nature walks, feeling the scrunch of leaves beneath my feet, watch the squirrels scampering about to store their winter larder, watching yellow leaves lazily floating on the water.

I sit quietly to envision tree pixies, faeries and elves dancing through the colored foliage. They are a part of the wholeness. They teach peace and harmony.

Have you observed a mischieveous tree elf waving at you with a colored leaf when there is not a breeze stirring? Have you gotten a glimpse of the elves playing hide-and-seek through the mossy undergrowth of the woods? Have you laughed with the dancing faeries as they glisten across the lake when the sun touches their gossamer gowns?

My pilgrimage comes into focus. I begin to understand my ongoing exploration - one of sacredness in its relationship with my life. I receive assurance and contentment that my path embraces and affects all areas of my life. I continue my journey.

Dusty has myriad articles now posted online. You can find them listed at her Front Door of Life Now.

"May you live all the days of your life."
- Jonathan Swift

by Carol Willis


Hint: If you know your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, read your horoscope for that sign, as it will often give you a better reading than for your Sun sign. To find out your Rising Sign, ask an astrologer to calculate your birth chart. You'll need full birthdate, exact time of birth as shown on the birth certificate, and city/state/country of birth.)

ARIES (March 21-April 20) (or Aries Rising):
Aries' focus for October is on relationships and communications. Cnnect with the general public if your work requires it. Take the initiative to open up communication, then communicate plainly and simply to focus attention, then even force the issue(s) a bit. Resolve anger, frustrations, victim states, and other stresses that may affect your health and well-being.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20) (or Taurus Rising):

Taurus comes into an abundance cycle this year, if you manage your resources wisely and claim what's most important to you. The intangibles of information you gain through books, articles, and conversations fit into that category. Cut back on frittering your money away on little impulsive things, excessive gas, excessive talk and words. Plan your errands more efficiently. Measure your words. Eat a couple of bites less. Your mantra for the month: "Less is more."

GEMINI (May 21-June 21) (or Gemini Rising):
Gemini is in a new career cycle, and you have the confidence to move forward into uncharted territory. Be creative! Lose the dominators, manipulators, tricksters, hostile detractors who drain your energy and hold you back from success. Realize also how ambiguity or changing direction in midstream by you brings out others' need for security and stability, to the point they tighten the screws on you to ensure those. Also: TRY not to take yourself so seriously -- whatever is going on is not the end of the world.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) (or Cancer Rising):
Cancer is a homebody this month, cooking autumnal soups and favorite comfort foods as the weather changes and turns brisk in the evenings. Snuggle up with a good book and catch up on your reading. Revel in the intuitive impressions that arise as you read "between the lines." If you're a supervisor, reorganize staff and get rid of trouble, but do it so there's no legal backwash. Streamline your workspace and procedures -- think "Clean Slate."

LEO (July 23-August 23) (or Leo Rising):
Leo gets into communication and fact-finding in October. Glean the information and tools you need for your creative projects and leadership. Fair and thorough investigation is your watchword this month. Dig deeply, listen closely on many levels at once, ask questions, don't jump to conclusion, think for yourself, be courageous. Don't hesitate to state either the obvious or the revolutionary -- others will hail it as leadership.

VIRGO (August 24- Sept 23) (or Virgo Rising):
Virgo gets money squared away. Inventory your financial records, files, credit cards. Get it all organized. This is part of a reality check, and it also gets your hands actually on these things and helps you connect with life (really!), rather than just think about it. You may feel impatient or irritable -- do something physical or tidy up in order to use this energy constructively. Avoid petty squabbles or other unconstructive uses of energy.

LIBRA (Sept 24- Oct 23) (or Libra Rising):
Libras would do well to kick off October with a flourish of beauty or good looks, performance or appreciation of music and/or art, and a display of relationship passion on October 1. Affirm the relation of beauty to God and to all Life. Savor your experiences, revel in them, go for the depths and the gusto. Take wherever you are just a little deeper, a little farther, stretch your limits of enjoyment and intensity now. Breathe very deeply.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 21) (or Scorpio Rising):
Enter into a contemplative period of solitude and renewal before your birthday. Practice silence and a sense of emptiness, pure empty space, luminous empty space. Experience the peace that comes from that. Do a daily devotional practice that you love in order to deepen your spiritual awareness, commitment, and discipline. This need not be long, even 5 minutes, but be mindful and carry your remembrance over into the rest of your day and night.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) (or Sagittarius Rising):
The question for you now is who are your true friends? who do you want to be playing with and why? The answer may not be a simple as you first suspect. Actually get into communication with people and surface the most relevant feelings and concerns on all sides. Do not withhold or be gamey. Do not go into attitudes of superiority. Make no assumptions. October is a good time for Sag to do an educational marketing thrust followed by sales, or ask for a raise. Stick to facts and stats -- the public will be wary of exaggeration, hype or pushiness.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19) (or Capricorn Rising):
Capricorn is still steadfastly holding down the space for good things to show up. October is an excellent leadership month, a time to approach those in high authority for favors and attention. Have your ducks in a row, do your homework, and be prepared to address at least 2 layers deeper than your initial cogent presentation, as your ability to communicate exactly as much depth as desired by your listener will be viewed most favorably. Give the sense that there's a lot more where that came from, but you don't want to confuse 'em with too much, too soon.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) (or Aquarius Rising):
Major changes are on hold for a while, simmering and cooking down in the background. In the meantime, October is a great month for Aquarius to be inspired, with spirit soaring free. Spiritual studies, church activities, new courses, books, or even trips abroad wake you up on all levels and get your juices flowing! A very good month to be writing up your research and preparing articles or books so others can get the benefit of your experience. Market research and psychology also get the nod.

PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20) (or Pisces Rising):
Pisces may be trying to play both ends against the middle and feel unusually torn between work and home now. Use your home as a haven to nurture yourself from the chaos of the marketplace and office politics. Keep your home in good repair. Unfortunately mates can be in a fighting and picky mood now, so steer clear, and go to brunch, a movie or concert with a friend or group instead. A good time to catch up with old friends who have steadfastly stood by you in goodwill all these years -- savor their friendship now!

(C) Copyright by Carol Willis, 2000. All rights reserved.
Carol Willis, MA Professional Astrologer since 1970
Sunnyvale CA (408) 734-9110
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by Sunny Patten


Gratitude restores peace of mind. Gratitude mends broken spirits. Gratitude is one of the most healing attitudes we can have. Gratitude packed with emotion from the depth of our beings is powerful. Gratitude is an attitude. Thus allowing use to use it when we choose. Gratitude will mend any relationship.

The individuals may not stay physically attached but gratitude will clear the emotions. When loved ones pass on to the other side, the grief is less when you can feel gratitude. I speak about this from experience with my parent's death. When my father passed away, I was able to get into gratitude. I felt immediate release from the pain and was able to feel joy by looking at the same event differently with gratitude and unconditional love. With my mother, I hadn't learned this lesson yet. It took me about ten years to replace the denial and emptiness with gratitude.

Even if we don't feel grateful, we can benefit from exercises in gratitude. The feelings will follow the exercises. This is a universal principle that works for everyone. When we feel angry with another, we can still be grateful for what we do like about them. Physical action helps us gain our desired attitudes faster. In this way we relieve stress and other negative physical symptoms.

When we think of gratitude, many of us think of material possessions. Gratitude for material possession is a great thing. Yet, this wonderful attitude goes beyond the material level. Gratitude heals us from within. We don't need another person's permission or approval for this to work. This is something we can do for ourselves.

We can choose to like or dislike anyone. No one can stop us from feeling good or bad about another person. This is exciting! It feels good to do something positive that won't harm others. The more we respect ourselves, the more others will respect us. Gratitude helps us build on our self-respect. Many people appear angry with others when they are really angry with themselves. Gratitude can remove this anger in a lasting way. It isn't a temporary remedy.

List making is a neat way to move from thinking to action with gratitude. If you have a fuss with a loved one, stop! Write a list of the nice things you know about that person. It doesn't matter how long or short the list is. It doesn't matter if you show it to the person. This works within us. I repeat, you don't need anyone's approval for this to work.

The power is in believing. If you don't believe what you are listing at first, keep reading the list until you can believe it. You will feel a change inside. Some things heed more work than others do. Sometimes, just listing is enough to change your attitude. When people in relationships make a gratitude list frequently, it keeps little things from being blown out of proportion. Gratitude lists have the power to change big dissentions into harmony. Dissention is easier dealt with sooner than later. When you hang onto negative emotions, they grow. They keep growing until they are weeded out of your system.

Some other ways to turn gratitude into action is by sending a card, flower or a gift to someone you are angry with. Be creative and enjoy the process. When we do things for others with gratitude, we eliminate the need for others to act in a certain way. We don't need others to validate us. We already feel good within! As we grow in gratitude, we attract unconditional love to us. Relationships become more of a pleasure and a lot less work. You learn more appreciation of small things others do for you. Attitudes are catching. Don't wait for someone else to act first, thus giving away your power. Let gratitude begin with you.
Gratitude changes attitudes!

- copyright Sunny J Patten, 2000
You can read other articles by Sunny at
Ms Sunshine's Garden
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by Agatha

Dear Mind:

Dear mind don't hurry so
for wherever you are, I have to go.
Dear mind, don't tumble and spin
where are you going, where have you been?
Don't rush like a raging stream down a mountain side
hurrying to the ocean so it can hide.
Be like the adage that still water runs deep.
Then gently we can select the thoughts we want to keep.

by Agatha

Like an old friend
tried trusted and true
faith is the glue
that holds us, keeps us ever new
sweet taste of the tasteless
sweet song of the silence felt not heard
yet sure in faith
like the song of a bird
fluttering in my consciousness.


by Aleta Pippin

Laura Wilkinson received the gold medal for 10-meter platform diving in spite of going into the last set of dives in fifth place and having three broken bones in one foot. The interesting thing about Laura is that during the seven-week period after breaking her foot, she couldn't practice. So, she used the power of visualization to imagine herself performing each dive. In spite of the challenges, she maintained her focus on winning the gold.

Sometimes, it's difficult to maintain a focus on such an important goal. That's when you take the small steps or mini-goals that will carry you toward your ultimate desire.

Recently I began jogging on the beach with my husband. It's a three and a half mile round trip. When I consider the distance and look way down the beach at the turnaround point, my mind starts in with the chatter, "it's okay to walk a little way," "why don't you take it easy today, you jogged yesterday," and "my body hurts, is this worth it?"

What I've discovered is by having a lot of little goals along the way, it's much easier. For instance, there are lifeguard platforms along the beach and I know that I can make it from one platform to the next. Or I pick out someone who is walking and tell myself that I can catch up with them.

It also works to take your mind off the big goal. I do this by watching the waves, the surfers, and the seagulls and sandpipers. I practice a presentation or work through a project that's forthcoming. I watch the dogs running and playing in the waves. And before I know it, I've gone the distance.

Here are some tips from a friend of mine, Nanci McGraw, McGraw Communications

Use a sticky note pad and write down each tiny step on a separate sticky. Write each itsy, bitsy detail needed in order to accomplish your mini-goal. Here's an example.

1. Look up phone number
2. Write down what you want to say.
3. Make the call
4. Create file
5. Send update
6. Appreciate yourself for completing this small goal.

Stick these in sequence on a wall close by. You'll do 'em, and love taking them down one by one.

Try Nanci's idea and see if your goals aren't easier to accomplish when you take them one step at a time.

(c)'00 by Aleta Pippin, founder Authentic Entrepreneuring, coaching for individuals who want to create a joyful and meaningful life and business owners who want to experience more success. Visit for more information and to sign up for your free newsletter.


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