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vol 2 issue 3

by Dusty Reed

Brrr! Isn't it grande? Some of you may live in warm climes and not experience the full sensation of the four seasons in the same way we do in the Midwest. Even though we have four very definite seasons, each year they are different. Some years we have a very warm autumn where the leaves hesitate to fall and keep us in color for several weeks. Other years winter dips in early and then steps aside again to give us time to regroup and prepare for what is ahead. This year winter stepped in without any moisture but gave us a chilling experience! Cold temps and wind chill below zero woke us to the remembrance that winter was indeed getting ready to step through the door. And, who knows, it may step back again and give us warmer than normal temps through the months ahead. Who knows!

During these months, it is good to "pass the time" in front of my computer, checking myriad articles and sites on internet and connecting with beautiful souls all over the world! I am finding, through doing this, that more and more of my inner resources, through continuous "practice," are showing themselves in writing much more fluently. I used to undergo "writer's block" for weeks at a time but now I am writing every day! It is a glorious experience!

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"May you live all the days of your life."
- Jonathan Swift

by Carol Willis


Hint: If you know your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, read your horoscope for that sign, as it will often give you a better reading than for your Sun sign. To find out your Rising Sign, ask an astrologer to calculate your birth chart. You'll need full birthdate, exact time of birth as shown on the birth certificate, and city/state/country of birth.)

ARIES (March 21-April 20) (or Aries Rising):
Aries is a powerhouse of visionary and revolutionary ideas this month. Pull everything up by the roots; no idea is too sacred or fundamental that it cannot be called into question or reexamined. Do a clean slate approach on your entire belief system, and put back very sparingly only what serves you best eternally and in present time. Let the rest go. Become a minimalist and set yourself free.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20) (or Taurus Rising):
Don't go overboard with holiday spending as you could end up with less money than you think, especially considering taxes, tips, postage, gas and other transportation costs. A very bad time to get into debt. Funding is not what it seems, there's very likely a catch or gotcha not apparent until later. A good month to keep things simple and traditional with classics. For those who can afford the trip, a spiritual pilgrimage or retreat abroad will bring profound peace and possible reconnection with a soul mate.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21) (or Gemini Rising):
Relationship stress runs high due to high expenses, debt, soul crisis, or health matters. More key information comes out of the woodwork. Make no assumptions about the truth or applicability of various principles you or your partners may now call "spiritual." All propositions are up for reexamination now in the light of new perspective. You may find your mate or contacts going through something of an existential crisis or in need of trauma healing. Arrive at a new appreciation for simple basics and austerity this holiday season.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) (or Cancer Rising):
The focus is on health and wellness, keeping worklife going during all the hoopla of the Christmas season. Avoid skiing and horseback riding this month, and watch your step to avoid falls. In other words, protect the hips and thighs. A good month to be a contrarian and practice austerity and simplicity in the foods you eat. See how much *better* you actually feel with *less* quantity, but more quality. Yes, it's time to treat yourself to exactly that, and you will feel satisfied with yourself. Managers may need to release some staff by the end of the year, streamline your operation.

LEO (July 23-August 23) (or Leo Rising):
Life is intense, and the safety of children and young people around you is key to your responsibilities now. Have fun this holiday season, but don't go to excess. You or others close to you may have more hermit or introverted tendencies than usual. Don't allow children to get manipulative and materialistic this Christmas, nor go into debt with big gifts for children. Show by *example* the true meaning of Christmas and gently influence children to appreciate simple things and spiritual truths.

VIRGO (August 24- Sept 23) (or Virgo Rising):
Make powerful and deep connections with family members this month. Appreciate the diversity of each individual's spiritual and religious experience and vision, where they stand, and what brought them to that point. Older family members may experience life and death crises this winter; don't be afraid to be aware and share your best awareness, rather than just stand by idly and not want to get involved or fear you'll be seen as intrusive. Be mindful and careful about uses of fire in the home.

LIBRA (Sept 24- Oct 23) (or Libra Rising):
Deep conversations are the order of the day, including prophecy. Be sure that what you're reading and other information you take in and write now make you more real, more powerful, more influential, more authentic in the world, not just obsessed in some very intriguing but perversely destructive way. Take care in traffic -- impulsive moves and anger are absolutely taboo. Again, not a good month to buy a new car or other vehicle. It's easy to make your home beautiful now -- bring out the old traditional keepsakes, candles, potpourri's, and sweet treats.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 21) (or Scorpio Rising):
Preserve capital. A very bad month to get into debt. Hold onto value, release what has no value to you but also has no negative consequences to dumping it. Purge possessions and donate them to charity. Make a clean sweep and get ready for your new year -- instead of decking the halls, consider clearing the decks. Keep your holidays very simple and remember the great healing power of spiritual awareness, full relevant truths told with kindness, and a charitable and merciful attitude. The best things in life are indeed free.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) (or Sagittarius Rising):
Sag is truly in their power during their birthday season, and you may experience any number of surprises. To make the best karmic use of this birthday, study the uses and abuses of power that others have handed you, that you have done to others, that you have witnessed, even what you've done to yourself. Examine how these events occurred, and what ignorance, knowledge, discernment or lack of discernment, healthy self-esteem or lack of healthy self-esteem contributed in the situations. Proceed systematically to examine the area.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19) (or Capricorn Rising):
While powerful deals are being negotiated behind the scenes, it's a snap for Capricorns to go with the flow and to come across looking their best this month. Due diligence will pay off, as everyone is trying to get to the bottom of how something works and whether a certain deal is in their future. There could be twists and turns, and it's not over til it's over, but who better than Capricorn to be steadfast and persist toward finally negotiating the winning deal. Create more verbal communication rather than less, be there to ask and answer questions, follow up, follow up, follow up! Put ego aside, operate in neutral instead.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) (or Aquarius Rising):
Create power networking at its finest even amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Political connections and community involvement may be on your agenda now - make a big impression on the movers and shakers. Get together with friends and associates who are ambitious, psychologically aware, oriented toward successful futures; find out what's going on with them as there could be joint planning that comes together serendipitously. Key connections can be made and facilitated, making dreams come true.

PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20) (or Pisces Rising):
Don't get in the way of the powers that be, as they can be harsh and arbitrary, even nervous about getting axed. If you are in a position of power or authority yourself, restrain yourself and don't be heavy-handed. A light touch suffices most of the time. A very good time to get together with friends, especially women friends and old souls, catch up with each other, share dreams, make things easy and flowing for each other -- what a blessing! Be holiday treats to each other: "Thank you for being in my life, being YOU!"

(C) Copyright by Carol Willis, 2000. All rights reserved.
Carol Willis, MA Professional Astrologer since 1970
Sunnyvale CA (408) 734-9110
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by Amy Noel

When distance defines space
We can meet in dreams and thoughts
throughout the day while admiring whispy clouds or morning light
throughout the night while dancing ecstatic and howling at da moon
My heart beats like a drum
calling you to dance and ride a bow
What shall we marvel at today?

by Sunny Patten

Communication is happening all of the time, whether you are speaking or not. Let's look at the statement, "We can't communicate." Turn the "we" upside down and you have "me." The only communication I have begins with me. I can't speak for others any more than I can eat for others.

If the person we're speaking to doesn't answer us, we instinctively record other things. We become aware of the eyes, the gestures, the next spoken word, the way they speak next - even if it is about the weather. We want and need two-way communication. When we hunger for it, we unconsciously invent it. We tend to feed that hunger by putting words into our ears... they didn't say.

Now we have a two-way conversation that can make us crazy! We can't make someone talk but we can change our reactions to their not talking.

Timing is one of the secrets to success in communication. We learn these things when we are very young. I remember learning about timing as a child. We learn to use what works best for us. But we get into habits or patterns as adults and expect that to work anywhere, anytime, on anyone. It doesn't. We change. Others change. To keep up with the changes we have to change our patterns of communication. We need to be flexible.

Our tone is another tool that works for or against us in communicating. While shopping or eating at restaurants, listen to others and see for yourself. Timing, tone and trust are more important than the words spoken. Your tone matters!

Trusting another to respond to our needs increases our communication ability. However, we can have good communication skills without depending on other's responses. I might ask myself if I am fearful at communication with someone. If so, in what way.

Once I discover this I'll discover a dependency on that person that I can do for myself. There are many ways to satisfy my real communication needs. Maybe threaten the other person and create a fear in them. Perhaps if I write this person a letter I'll be less threatening.

There are specific needs, fears, and solutions in poor communication. Maybe we need to be less judgmental. Judgmental is a sure block to communication. It violates my trust for the other person or vise versa. We need to be specific when asking another to communicate with us more. Give the person an example of exactly what we would like to hear. Then move on. Communication is from within and you can't use outer force to improve it.

We can encourage another to talk to us more but we need to accept the fact that they may not do it. The words another says say never meet our expecations either. This is life. If we become lonely and irritated, we can find another person to talk with. Accepting others the way they are is the fastest road to better communication.

I am a talker. But when I was a child, my parents used to tell me what to say, before I had time to say it for myself. Especially, Thank you," when someone gave me cookies. As a child, I chose to not take cookies to avoid this uncomfortable dialogue. Today as an adult I could say, "Please let me speak for myself." As I grew up I had good communication with my parents. But there is an issue of trust hidden in that example. I didn't feel they trusted me to say the proper thing for the moment.

But as mature adults we know we must trust ourselves to achieve self-esteem. It is nice if you trust me. But trusting myself allows me to take risks in communication I wouldn't dare take otherwise. Becoming the best communicator we can be begins with us and extends to others. Be trustworthy. Be kind. Communication improves with trust.
- copyright Sunny J Patten, 2000

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by Agatha

Love is being filled
with a feeling that is beyond words.
Love is listening to the
sound of birds.
Love is a body free
of pain,
Love is a regal state
without a name.

Love, like seeds
should be planted in the heart,
not thrown to the wind
in the form of words.

Flow, which is love

Beginning, end. Sunrise, sunset,
time flies.
Tears and joy blend when
one realizes tears hold rainbows
when reflected in the sun
Yes all in One.

Life in Bloom
by Agatha

Life in bloom one petal at a time,
with heart wide open
the world appears to shine
in a halo of goodness
all around.
Yes, sweet bliss is found
one petal at a time.

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