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Starburst Online

by John and Cheryl of Sacred Wind

Do you feel the continual movement of energy that is flowing from the depths of your awareness into manifested thought, feelings, and application? The source of this movement of energy is beyond your human perception. It is beyond that which can be understood by the mind. It simply is. This flow of energy is drawing from the well of infinite creative energy that is the source of all creation.

When you look in the mirror, recognize that the outer shell, the outer cloak, the outer covering you are observing is also the result of this flow of creative energy from deep within. Energy forms into substance. Energy floats on the ethers of thought waves and projections of feelings. Energy has no boundaries. It is only in the crystallization of perception that it appears that energy has boundaries.

This is why most of those who are embodied as souls do not see auras, do not see beyond the assumed limitations. There is a feeling that there is something beyond and, as the awakening process begins, there are indeed glimpses into that which lies beyond. There are many pathways that accommodate and encourage this openness. There is of course the meditative exercise. There are various rituals which one can go through. There is the expression of freedom felt when climbing a mountain or being in nature. There is the use of sound such as drums and music. There are many ways that one has a glimpse into that which is emerging from within and into that which lies beyond the veil of assumed reality.

What we are talking about is the pathway of opening to freedom - the freedom to be who you really are, the freedom to see, to feel, to know who you really are, the freedom to express who you really are unfettered and unobstructed by the assumed reality and the veil of illusion that you have woven around your perceptions.

Freedom is a qualitative statement of soul reality. Freedom is the soul being itself. It is the Consciousness of Creation expressing and knowing itself. Freedom is the inherent and natural pathway of expression of the soul. When freedom is contained, diminished, and minimized, it is like water building behind a log dam that has been constructed on a river by the falling of timber. As the water pressure builds up and builds up, eventually the pressure is greater than the resistance and the dam is breached. It is blown apart by the pressure and the flow of the energy that has been built up.

So it is with the movement of freedom. There is nothing in the worldly way or nothing in any level of dimensional manifestation that can obstruct, retain, and hold back the flow of freedom. Freedom is the energy of soul reality. Feel this flow of energy. Feel it totally unattached, non-reactive, and literally uninvolved with that which is the manifested form and substance, the projection of ideas and thought forms, and other restricted and restrictive concepts.

Let the soul energy simply be what it is. This is the process of stepping aside, letting the mind, the emotions, and the physical appetite simply drift away and be set aside. This is the process of focusing on and knowing the truth of who you are as a soul. And then letting that truth be revealed in every thought, every word, every action, letting the freedom of expressing that truth, the soul reality of who you are, flow unimpeded, effortlessly and infinitely. In the soul, freedom is known. You are embraced in that freedom, for you are embraced in soul reality in the Love, Light, and Life of creation.

You are I AM, the Love, the Light, the Life of creation.

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Stones & the Inner Being
by John Baumann

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a colorless, translucent chalcedony (micro-crystalline quartz agate) that contains moss-like green inclusions of hornblende, usually in the shape of small clumps of moss or narrow branches of foliage. In addition to the moss-green color, it can also contain patches of red, lighter green, yellow, and brown-black. The best qualities of moss agate come from India, while other deposits exist in China and USA. In early times moss agate was used by Native Americans as a power stone.

Moss agate acts on the Inner Being to strengthen PATIENCE. Patience is the ability to allow things to move at their own pace, even though your pace may be different. It is the ability to let things happen in their own time, rather than trying to push them to happen faster. If you are a patient person, you give things time to happen. You realize that other people, as well as the universe in general, move at their own pace despite what your personal agenda may be, and you don't push your will against this pace to try to change it. The minute you become impatient for something to happen, you put your energy in opposition to the natural flow, and this creates a conflict that you may not be able to win.

When you become impatient, you want things to happen faster than this natural flow allows, and you push against the flow to try to force things to go faster. But you are just wasting your energy by being impatient for something to happen if it is not yet time for it to happen. If you work against the natural flow in this way, it stubbornly digs its heels in and refuses to budge. However, if you contribute to the flow by working with it in a positive way, you can often make things happen faster. The difference lies in whether you are helping or hindering the natural progression of events. For example, when your friend tells you she is going to be late for your meeting because she has errands to run first, instead of hindering the flow by becoming impatient and upset with her, you could help the natural flow of events by offering to help with the errands.

Patience consists of two parts: The first part is the ability to be patient with yourself or others. The second part is the ability to recognize the natural rate of progression of events, the rate at which a particular thing wants to happen, so you can work with this flow and contribute to it instead of working against it. These two things go hand in hand. If you are good at seeing how fast something wants to happen, you also find it easy to be patient.

If you have difficulty with patience, you tend to be restless and become easily exasperated when you have to wait for things to happen. You often become tense and impatient with how long things take, and you push to make them happen faster. As a result you sometimes have to go back later and redo something that wasn't done right the first time. In addition, you tend to become impatient in traffic because you are often in a hurry. In your own learning and growth, you can become impatient in wanting to have it all immediately. You can even become impatient when you see unfairness in the world around you, and you can't wait for things to change and make a better world.

BECOMING MORE PATIENT: To practice patience, learn to cooperate with someone by combining your efforts in order to achieve a common goal. By working together to make things flow as smoothly as possible, you learn to not insist on always having things your way, and you practice your ability to find a pace that you both can work at. In working together, you will likely need to make some compromises, and this also helps you become more patient. Cooperating with people helps develop patience because it requires a willingness to compromise and let things progress at a pace that is suitable for everyone.

Another way to develop patience comes from realizing that, whenever you are working toward something, you are creating value at a rate that is linked to your pace of working. This pace is the natural flow. If you can learn to help this flow rather than hinder it or fight against it, you are well on the way to becoming a more patient person. You can work with this flow in a positive way, for example, by working harder or more efficiently. By helping the natural flow in this way, you can often make things happen faster. You can also hinder the flow by fighting it, for example, by wanting instant gratification and not being willing to put energy into something before reaping the rewards of having it. If you can truly see that your energy input is creating value all along the way, you will happily work toward your goal while you wait patiently for the results.

Three keys that open the door to enlightenment are practice, perseverance and patience. Practice is the easiest. Perseverance is the most demanding. Patience is the most difficult. To help you become more patient, carry a piece of moss agate with you and let its vibration work with your Inner Being.

John Baumann has been exploring the properties of crystals and stones for over ten years. Questions about stones may be sent to P.O. Box 2834, Sedona, AZ 86339. See also home page at John's Home Page


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Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings
A book review by Cher Gilmore

Retired US diplomat, Wayne Peterson, has written of his experiences with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, as promised by the Madonna when he was a child

From the age of four, Wayne Peterson began experiencing things other people didn't. It was then that the Madonna first appeared to him, saved his life, and made an extraordinary promise. That promise was forgotten, however, until ..

One evening many years later, flipping through the TV channels, Wayne was stopped instantly by something he saw on the Merv Griffin Show. Filling the entire screen was the cover of a book entitled The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. The moment he saw it, the memory of the Madonna's promise to him as a child rushed into his mind: "I am going to tell you a secret that few now know. If you stay with your family, you will see the Christ, because He will come to live with the people of the world."

Wayne's attention remained riveted on the set, as Merv and Gore Vidal carried on an intense discussion with the author of the book, Benjamin Creme. As soon as the show was over he dashed out to get the book, and thus began his investigation of this startling but strangely familiar proposition. His search led him on a wild adventure that put him in situations he had never before encountered, and introduced him to spiritual realities he never knew existed.

Wayne Peterson was, at that time, a director of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, with the US Information Agency. He had already served with the Peace Corps in Brazil for two years, and in the Foreign Service as a diplomat in various embassy positions in South America, Africa, and East Asia. He traveled in circles inaccessible to most people, and had contacts at the highest levels of the White House, many foreign governments and the Vatican.

Wayne Peterson's book tells the amazing story of how he first met Maitreya, the Christ, and the group of highly evolved spiritual beings who surround him and oversee the evolution of our planet. It follows his career in the political halls of power, where he met many other highly placed, influential people who have had similar experiences of Maitreya. All are aware that life as we know it is about to change dramatically for the better, and that they have a part to play in the transformation of our world when the time is right.

A real page-turner, this book carries the reader from one astonishing adventure to the next - adventures which would be difficult to believe were it not for Mr Peterson's position and credentials. His message offers great hope during the present trying times, and corroborates the information given by Benjamin Creme on this topic over the past 25 years. Both men, each from different backgrounds and perspectives, assure us that the future is bright; that we have before us the possibility of making our world a place of peace, beauty, justice and sufficiency for all - a virtual heaven on earth.

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings is published by Emergence Press, Nevada, Trade Paperback, $15, and will be available by the end of November 2000, from Tara Center, PO Box 6001, North Hollywood, CA 91603, USA, and from USA bookstores. It is also available via the internet. To benefit Share International, please go to the end of the home page at and order through
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