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Starburst Online
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vol 2 - issue 5

What is the New Age?
by Gail Kavanagh

What is "The New Age"?

It's hard not to wonder, when so much of the New Age is so old. Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Candles, Incense and other trappings of the "New Age" have been around for centuries. There doesn't seem to be anything new about it.

There doesn't seem to be much new in the news, either. Earthquakes, other natural disasters, violence, wars and rumors of wars. All of this seems depressingly familiar in our "new age".

Some of the books that claim to enlighten us don't help much. Writers who write about "conciousness shifts", "mass spiritual awakenings" and "a merging with the universal mind" either leave us floundering trying to visualise exactly what they are on about, or seem to be ignoring the fact that the world is in a mess.

Is Global Warming our "New Age"? Are we headed for a change in the world's demography similar to an Ice Age, or the end of the dinosaurs? Or are we simply witnessing the inevitable decline of civilisation as we know it?

Actually, the answer is that we have not reached the "New Age" yet. We are in a period of turmoil, of transition, as the New Age births itself out of the old, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

But first the ashes have to be formed.

This is not, I believe, the Biblical fires of Damnation, although many will disagree with me about that.

What we are witnessing is what the brilliant writer Isabelle Allende called "The Relationship Between Events."

This is the true meaning of Karma, that what ye sow so shall ye reap. What you put into place today, the choices you make, and the steps you take, will have far reaching consequences you may not have taken into consideration.

During the Industrial Revolution, and during the greed crazed latter half of the 20th Century, when production was all that mattered, and later, consumption of the mass produced goods, little thought was given to the consequences.

A few voices in the wilderness cried out and were ignored. We have already witnessed some of the most horrible consequences imaginable. The ravages of Mercury poisoning of Japanese fishing communities, the destruction of the Black Forest by acid rain, wildlife decimated by oil spills and thoughtless destruction of the natural habitat.

The American Indian Elders have been warning us for decades that we shall reap what we have sown.

To save ourselves, and our planet, we need to think in a new way. This is what is meant by a conciousness shift.

To save our selves and the myriad life forms around us, we need to realise we are more than flesh and blood and material desires. This is what is meant by a mass spiritual awakening.

And to act on this understanding we need to stand together and realise that all life on this planet is sacred, and no less important in the scheme of things than we are. This is what is meant by merging with the universal mind.

But the transformation from a greedy, self interested, materially oriented species to a gentle, nurturing and spiritually aware species willing to share the planet with each other and all creatures, is not going to be easy.

It starts slowly at first, with a few questioning minds and intrepid souls prepared to speak up and be heard.

Then it starts to spread, until the vision of this new age begins to take hold and leaps, like a forest fire, from mind to mind. Something comes along, a way of connecting these visions, an instant way of recognising each other and sharing this great thought, that we can be creators of the New Age.

Is it synchonricity, that the Internet opens communications in this way? Call it what you will, the movement gathers momentum through this new portal of understanding between people vast distances away from each other.

We are creating the New Age, you and I, out of our visions and our dreams and our hopes and prayers for a beautiful world for our children and their children and all who come after to live in.

Astrologically, while Uranus is in the sign of Aquarius we can expect a great deal of chaos as the New Age struggles to be born. Maybe when Uranus moves into the visionary sign of Pisces, all our minds will join together, and who knows what we can achieve?

What has all this to do with Tarot Cards, Candles and Incense? Well, possibly nothing. But they give us an image of beauty to hold on to as we forge through the darkness to the dawn that awaits.

You can visit Gail's home page at Storyteller or read other articles she has written at Gail Kavanagh

by Dusty Reed

Sunny wrote that she had a touch of spring fever with their 70* Nevada temperature one day this week. Spring fever? What's that? We are still seeing snow fall and feeling the one-digit temperatures!

Now, I hope to be singing a new song in another thirty days. For now, I am continuing to get more familiar and enjoy the pleasures of this moment.

What are some of the pleasures of my now? A special delight is watching for deer as I drive through the state park each morning. One morning I saw six, two standing it perfect profile - but I didn't have my camera.

Looking out across our frozen lake, delightful memories vividly surface of high school days when many Sunday afternoons were invested ice skating with church friends at the country pond near our church. I have not taken opportunity to put on the skates for many years but I am grateful for the memories.

Watching such an array of color on our patio with the backdrop of white brings a delightful sense of awe. To watch our little feathered friends flitter from branch to branch or, while keeping a watchful eye, bluejays, black-capped chicadees, red-headed woodpeckers, and my favorite, cardinals, land at the birdfeeder near our window.

With one exception, being icy, I enjoy winter walks. Walking in the snow is one of the most invigorating yet peaceful experiences of my life.

I will enjoy spring when it arrives as I continue to enjoy every moment until that happens.

Dusty has myriad articles now posted online. You can find them listed at her Front Door of Life Now at Life Now

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"May you live all the days of your life."
- Jonathan Swift

The Foundation for Security
by Sunny J Patten

The foundation for serenity and security is consistency! Stability, consistency, and serenity are deeply ingrained and used frequently by successful people. This has been said a lot of times and a lot of ways by many popular authors. It is the same philosophy as "Being True To Yourself."

If you have these values conquered then they must be used or they will fade away. If you would like to established these simple but necessary steps to success, you may begin in a very small space. If you make your goals too large, you may get overwhelmed and not do it anyway. Would you prefer to fly an airplane with specific instructions and training or would you prefer someone just say, "Okay, take off." And bingo you are a pilot?

I am assuming you would like to take small lessons and gradually increase them after seeing success. Thus you keep the experience and learning challenging, lest you become bored and abandon the whole self-improvement project.

The first thing you could do is decide what quality you want to improve in your daily life to help you feel more secure and successful within. Then see that you do this consistently a day, hour or minute, until it becomes a habit. If this is a newly acquired habit, it may not be comfortable until you practice it. But as you do practice it will become a part of you from within and you will see the results in your outer life.

This is referred to in many books as "Cause and Effect"... However, we choose our desired effect for our goal. Do our footwork and actually leave the effects to Divine Order. Thus we may receive something better than we first were aiming for! Life is such fun and full of surprises! The most important part of any self-improvement project is being able to laugh at ourselves and not pick on ourselves if we goof. So just start from the place you goof or don't stick to your plan and continue. Don't give errors attention. As my 'Sis' Dusty says, "Accentuate the positive and ignore the negative." However, I do glance at my mistakes to learn from them and then move on.

We must always be willing to take risks and willing to let go if need be; As in cut our losses and move on. We are always free to re-choose without breaking our word to ourselves. We just choose something that feels better and more stable and continue to grow! Life never waits for anyone or anything. Thus we are free to enter at anytime and anywhere that feels right to us. As long as we keep moving and don't settle for less than we want for ourselves, we will always get something as good or better than we first thought we might. Many time our success is not in our timing but in Divine Timing. Therefore we must trust the process and continue in faith until we see results.

Enter into any serious project with a light heart, laughter in your soul, a sparkle in your eyes and a smile on your face. NOW, you look and feel like a winner, because you are! You will attract winners into your life and they will reflect back your Divine Self to you. Life is so exciting! Enjoy the journey! Live life lightly!


- copyright Sunny J Patten, 2000
You can read other articles by Sunny at Sunny's Articles

by Carol Willis

(C) Copyright by Carol Willis, 2000. All rights reserved.

Hint: If you know your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, read your horoscope for that sign, as it will often give you a better reading than for your Sun sign. To find out your Rising Sign, ask an astrologer to calculate your birthchart. You'll need full birthdate, exact time of birth as shown on the birth certificate, and city/state/country of birth.)

ARIES (March 21-April 20) (or Aries Rising): Venus enters Aries on February 2 in great aspects to Jupiter and Neptune, and it's ALL LOVE, ALL THE TIME for Aries this month. Indulge your affections to the max in very private getaways and lairs. Money is likely improve too once you get a free flow of love energy going. Relax and enjoy. New collaborations you've been waiting for are here now. Remember beauty and aesthetics in all you do. You're likely to acquire some beautiful new things this month, also an excellent time for gift-giving and charitable donations.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20) (or Taurus Rising): Can you get any more seasoned? That's the question this month for Taurus while Saturn lingers in your sign. You're so experienced you know more than anyone else you can think of. Can you stretch your knowledge and its applications just a bit farther, maybe for the sake of posterity? or just on general principles? Make a game of it. Knowledge is power for you now. Profound reflections are the order of the day. To balance that, overcome inertia by going outside - MOVE, and BREATHE slowly and deeply.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21) (or Gemini Rising): All systems GO for lucky Gemini's now. Go with the flow and ENJOY even though long range planning may still be impossible for various reasons. The message is: live in the now and go with what's happening. Let Spirit reveal your next baby steps and karmas coming back around. Just breathe. An excellent time for shocking and innovative writings, publication, and stimulating travel abroad. Social connections are great, especially with women. Your spirit is soaring! Spring arrives early for Gemini's this year.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) (or Cancer Rising): This could be a windfall month with many dreams coming true for Cancerians. Your spirit is soaring and you're running on all cylinders now. (Are you truly alive yet?) As with last month, savvy, seasoned, and respected associates are a make-or-break with Jupiter and Saturn in your solar 11th house this year. Intuition runs high, and great ideas are low hanging fruit ripe for the plucking - just reach up and pick 'em. You're well provided for, and are not about to lose your idealism while enjoying worldly success.

LEO (July 23-August 23) (or Leo Rising): February could be a blessed month for Leo's to explore the vast and deep mysteries of love, and living more than ever with heart wide open. Hint: that means getting off your ego stuff and putting yourself aside, appreciating the other guy more. Exercise: Find something to like about everyone you meet this month. No matter how profound or how trivial, anything you can notice to admire is fair game. Do this within yourself and watch your relationships shift and transform to the better.

VIRGO (August 24- Sept 23) (or Virgo Rising): Use intuition to streamline your work area and get more done. Mock up the simplifications you desire. Envision the results you want to create. Then go for it - the process will be much easier because you've already created in your mental laboratory, and created a clean context for it to happen. Love is sweet, and mates may reveal new plans or goals early in the month. If you're really bold, find out what their plans or goals are for your relationship together. What would they like to see happen, what action(s) do they ideally envision each of you taking?

LIBRA (Sept 24- Oct 23) (or Libra Rising): Libra seeks a new kind of love on the horizon. Will you bold enough to go where no or few lovers have ever gone before? Explore your dreams and desires with your partner(s). You may manifest more than one who is only too happy to give you whatever you want. Realize the value of beauty in keeping you deeply well on all levels. Beautify your workplace. Bring in a sweet treat for others to enjoy. Look good while working out, and meet other health- and fitness-minded people.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 21) (or Scorpio Rising): Scorpio digs in, stops at nothing to uncover root causes and what makes people tick, especially how people stop themselves, restrain themselves, turn on themselves, become depressed, apathetic, or unable to move in life. What is the role of time and process in turning those bummers around? You enjoy your cozy home this month, and study the leading edge in psychology and metaphysics. Have a look at eccentric family members others thought were a little crazy - perhaps they're just unconventional, free thinkers, who tested limits, broke down barriers, were intrepid explorers of the unknown.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) (or Sagittarius Rising): Sagattarius studies the nature of care this month. Where have good intentions for care gone awry? When have questionable intentions been hidden, and how long did it take to spot them? What turned chaotic despite the best of care? What elements of non-confront, neglect, irresponsibility, misplaced blame, or insanity were afoot in those situations? Who left the door open for chaos to enter and how did they do that? Also explore times where you were the one who held the magic key for healing, the key that effectively unlocked the door, and everyone beheld the results were very good. What was the difference in those situations?

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19) (or Capricorn Rising): February is a good money month for Capricorn, but beware of easy come, easy go. Money is energy, and if you get an increase and are not used to having that much money to deal with, you will instinctively tend to push it away, waste it, in order to revert to a familiar and comfortable level, all the while rationalizing the action. Better to sit on the money and let it earn interest, or parcel it out very slowly. Estimate realistically and add a wide margin for contingencies. Do this for a long period of time, months or years, to effectively acclimatize to handling larger sums safely without wasting or otherwise disappearing them.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) (or Aquarius Rising): Your spirit is soaring during your birthday season! Enjoy feeling highly inspired and energized. Reward yourself by acquiring some beautiful new things. Visit a gallery or museum to be inspired by visual beauty. Your creativity could be at an all-time high this year with Jupiter trining your Sun. Prepare to make hay while the sun is shining. Set the stage to be able to act on your creative inspirations when they happen. Art? Philosophy? Prophecy? Music? Writing? Life? There are no limits on your creative process - JUST DO IT!

PISCES (Feb 19 - March 20) (or Pisces Rising): The first day of February is a day to affirm all that you value and hold dear while Venus is in the last degree of your sign. A magical day when your heart's desires for self and others (especially others) can come true in a big way. A good day to take time off and just dream, allow the dream to arise within your own heart, then extend itself into the world. Actually, take the whole month off spiritually if not physically, go on a yoga retreat or rent a condo at the beach. You could change your whole life for the better now.


Carol Willis, MA. Professional Astrologer since 1970, Sunnyvale CA
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You Are the Focal Point
by Aleta Pippin

We hear and read much about the importance of being focused toward a goal. This implies that you should be singularly focused toward achieving a specific goal. In fact, I've frequently discussed this concept in many of my newsletters, even quoting Peter Drucker, "In this world nothing gets accomplished except by a monomaniac with a mission."

So...what happens to all of us (yes, I'm including myself here) who like a variety of different things and don't want to confine our efforts to just one? What's to become of us in a world that promotes focused determination?

Recently, I shared with a dear friend, Rev. Drew Vogt, how I truly believe in the importance of focused attention toward a goal. When you have that sort of focused attention, new concepts come to you. You're willing to move through different stages of accomplishing your goal and in some cases, you're able to stick with your creation pushing it beyond what has been created to date, as suggested by Mr. Drucker.

Frequently, I make the argument for focused attention to one goal because I'm trying to convince myself. Rev. Drew reminded me of the key ingredient I've missed in this argument - I am focused, just as you are. I'm focused on accomplishing a variety of goals.

As I continued to ponder the meaning of focus, the answer came to me, as it does when we ask the question and listen, expecting the answer to follow. The answer I received is - "To be focused means becoming the focal point through which Source Energy (God) flows." Rephrasing - being focused means being fully present in the moment. It doesn't have to mean attention to accomplishing just one goal.

Much has been written about being present in the moment. When that occurs, you have become the focal point of your existence. As the focal point, any time you give your complete attention to something/ anything, you summon life force. That means that you have the power to choose what or where you wish to give your attention. For instance, if I'm choosing to paint rather than write or coach, as long as I give my complete attention to the task at hand, I'm focused and connecting with Source Energy. If I'm doing dishes and giving my complete and joyful attention to it, I'm summoning the same life force as I do when I paint.

The problem, then, isn't that you enjoy variety; it's whether you're able to accept this characteristic. If you've been hard on yourself about being "scattered," now is the time to make peace with yourself. Here are some keys:

1. Have you labeled yourself as "scattered?" If you're jumping from one project to the next without completing anything, you may be scattered and will want to exercise self-discipline to complete some of those projects. Or you may want to ask yourself why you started the project in the first place and remember, guilt isn't a good motivator.

Being scattered isn't the same as intentionally having several projects going at the same time. There are people who are multi-faceted and enjoy working in this manner.

2. Do you feel guilty because you're working on one project and at the same time, telling yourself you should be focused elsewhere? That feeling of guilt robs you of becoming the focal point and present in the moment. Your mind is running rampant while you're mentally beating yourself up.

In that case, you may feel better if you list the projects you plan to do that day, delegate the time, and tell yourself you will become thoroughly focused on the task at hand. By focusing on the task at hand, you will feel utter satisfaction, knowing that you have delegated time to give your complete attention to the next project.

3. Are you fearful that not being singularly focused will prevent you from achieving success? If that's the case, then you may want to review exactly what success means to you. Is success only about material wealth or does personal satisfaction enter into it? Remember the old cliche - "success is in the journey." And to enjoy the journey, you have to be present in the moment not focused on some future outcome.

These are just a few of the steps you can take now to begin to transform you into the focal point of your experience. By accomplishing that transformation, you will be more fully present to the many precious moments you have but don't see because you've been so focused on achieving the goal, you forgot to enjoy the moment.

Copyright '01 by Aleta Pippin, founder Authentic Entrepreneuring and Inner Sources. Visit Entrepreneur for FREE "how-to" assistance in achieving the success you desire. We also have manuals, books, coaching and more. Be sure to sign up for a free newsletter and/or Weekly Focus.

by Agatha

Self Talk

Stop, don't let those
"might have beens"
steal this moment NOW

Stop, don't let those
"should have beens"
steal this moment NOW

All the would a
should a
could a
are thieves of this moment NOW

They all represent the past
do we want to repeat it?

Or at last here and now
stand naked and bare
beginning to care and know
the truth of us always has been
always will be in NOW