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The book, "More Words of Life," is an additional collection of twelve articles, some previously published in national magazines, some dealing with personal development, inspirationals, "enjoying your job," plus a few assorted others. One article, chosen from the book, is presented here.

Friendly Persuasion

Creative outlets are the joy of Ludella Hansen's world. Her profusion of talents includes writing, drawing, portrait painting, hand crafts and all forms of needlework. Only within the last few years has she begun writing and self-publishing, to add to her diligent life style.

When asked how she keeps up with the myriad of activities, she smiles, "My house has been blown apart for devoted time slots when I have been nursing a baby (new project) through labor and delivery. Then, suddenly..... a new book is born!"

She takes advantage of long days, full hours, and prays a great deal every day for guidance, health and strength to do it all. Discouragement tries to step in occasionally but she shoos it away by believing in life, people and that Good does come out of every situation. Happiness, moods, boredom, attitudes, ability not to give up and the ability to bounce back are choices for each person to accept or reject.

Her outlook on life is encouraging and inspiring, "Every day, in every way, the Lord lights our pathways. But, He also keeps us striving by making much of each day's walk..... up hill. Sure, we get tired, puffing, foottracking weary. But with our eyes on Him, we will find every path we tread, each day, has..... lessons to learn, rewards to achieve, achievements to accomplish..... all with and through Him."

She doesn't see unfavorables as lasting but as learning points: "They are bottom bouncers," she says. "When you feel like you have caved in inside, you usually feel like your bottom is bouncing on the floor of some dank pit. When you are through bouncing, if you are smart, you let the gray matter settle and, way deep inside the recesses of your think tank and creative center, you begin to gel and mold UP AGAIN directions with corrections made from your last attempt." She has learned that we are not meant to fail, but to bottom bounce occasionally to "scramble up our think pattern" to begin walking and tracking straight again.

Self-publishing began with questionnaires sent to everyone she knew. When returned, the answers, thoughts and references from folks helped her know better what readers truly wanted. She began printing a quarterly newsletter, "Dreams Come True." It described the books she has written, had some inspiration and encouragement and was laced with a touch of humor, which gives light to her personality. She has a gifted writing style of word painting that makes her loved by many. She and her husband devised a way to put the books together so she could sell them and enjoy sharing with readers. Her books were in demand via the U.S. Postal Service. She has also shown and sold her works at many craft shows since her books were home crafted.

Her works as an author include romance, inspirational romance, a collection of short stories with twist endings ("Twisted Tales"), poetry, children and teen books, a love for writing mystery and a love for writing fantasy. (She illustrates her children's books, too.)

When asked how she finds her creativity, she responds, "Ideas are like airy feathers and tickling to my soul. I love flitting them through my head. Be they part of a sad, dramatic, funny or mundane scene..... I never turn any away. I don't feel I have that right, not when I am trying to work with my inner giant. Turn your back on a friend enough, and he gets the idea you really don't want the friendship. Right? Well, that would be the last thing I would want to happen with my inner genie. I believe we die without ever tapping ninety percent of that wonderful genie-like giant inside our heads that wants to do his job and serve us. But, we let him sit around, withering from lack of use. Well, I am trying to utilize mine, more and more all the time."

Becoming computerized enabled Ludella to publish books with pleasant to read printing. It also allows her to draw illustrations via computer, but her favorite way to do her illustrations is still sitting at her drawing table and utilizing her love of pen and ink work. Other modern equipment has eliminated the need for her and her husband to "go round and round their dining room table" when collating her books. Her husband, Ed, is retired now, but when working, he sold armsful of her books to fellow employees. She comments that he was a "selling fool" and it was a challenge he loved.

Ludella has a special love for writing children's books..... and children love reading them, too. She enjoys creating imaginative tales to tell her children friends. When a child writes her telling her how much he/she enjoyed a certain book, she writes a personal letter back to them. "If they take the time to write to me, it just fires my love center tremendously, and I can't wait to write back to them. I believe imagination must be fostered in children to help them to better face the harsher realities in life when they are older. Where better to relax and enjoy a bit of relief and enjoyment than in a good book? So, why not learn that when young?"

She is ever ready to be a heart listener. She constantly bears a sign in her eyes saying, "There is room for you inside my heart's care spot." She is a caring, loving, friendly person. She is a walking smile. She is always on the lookout for new folks to get to know and care for and she continues to accept views of old friends, that they may never be pushed aside for the new. She believes, "Old gets better and better, and new is refreshing and building to one day join the old in staying power through caring and love." Many of her readers wrote her about her books, characters, and what they liked most about her writing. She always wrote back.

She relates, "Sharing with each other, caring about each other, and listening to others' ideas, thoughts, beliefs and problems and joys is friendship to me. The most important lesson to come with and from each friendship is not to argue or harangue, but to allow each other the golden sweet blessing of being ourselves at whatever stage we are in our learning process; allowing each other the right to share when we have changed an idea, standard or belief. God works in us, through us, and with us; therefore we grow, learn and can remain or change within ourselves. That, to me, is the beauty of smelling the roses along the pathway we each travel. Unless we are loved enough by friends and loved ones to be allowed that sweet willow-bending type of growth, we become inwardly bruised and we grieve. Hence, understanding, love and compassion blend like the blending of a cake batter." Ludella's writing supports this philosophy.

Laughter is Ludella's vitamin of success and she takes and gives it in frequent doses.


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