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"Life is Light. Science shows us that light holds every color.

One person's radiance may be blue. Another's is purple; another's is red. These colors can harmoniously blend within the essence of Spirit.

We retain our personal color of essence. We dance with other colors in the sparks of love, joy and compassion. Together we create a rainbow of brilliance. Individually, through each activity, we experience life that sparkles a bit brighter.

As we grow in illumination, the rainbow becomes more brilliant and, in turn, the Spirit of Oneness grows in radiance. We are singularly adding radiance to the essence of Good, of Love, of Life."


"If we are the rainbow, how can we see the colors? We invite learning for reminders of what is already ours.

Though we are our own teacher, sometimes mentors or specialists are sent our way to offer these reminders. Friends, teachers and advisors may come to us as white fluffy clouds. We play the game of identifying. When we have learned what they can offer as reminders, we each move on, taking our chosen wind current.

We find new expression of the rainbow with new clouds. We express our colors, a little brighter, for the next cluster of clouds passing through. We see our colors as reflection."


"Listening to the inner guidance shows us the direction for each step we take. Each step is safe. The more closely we listen and act upon the given direction, the more we awaken to experience our colors.

Our belief, whatever it may be, is our guide. Listening and following our guidance allow us to go with the natural goodness of the spiritual influence of life."


"Quietude offers occasion for reflection. Floating clouds of pastel colors can bring relaxation.

Floating on a cloud brings the picture of a desire or perhaps, a happy memory.

Pleasant, peaceful surroundings provide an optimistic attitude for achievements and memories."

Intricate -Vibrant:

Piercing shards of color are absorbed as they refract through the facets of an intricately cut diamond. The intensity of their penetration is hypnotic.

The purple, gold, green or fiery red pierce with a universal awakening. They do not tease. They are reality.

As we allow them to penetrate our being, they melt and blend into the Light of awareness. We now see, with clarity, the vibrancy of Allness.


As we observe our facets of light, we begin to get a perspective of the broad panorama our lives hold. We discover the edges are not boundaries. Rather, they are pathways to another facet.

The allness of the rainbow gives a countenance that we are of royalty. We radiate with an inner glow that shimmers and sparkles as it comes to surface.

This effervescence radiates into our world and we experience Love as it flows to, through and from our rainbow. We become one with the Light. In this, we are one with all rainbows.


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Sit Still and Succeed

Life Now material is not for entertainment. It is for personal study. Our Centre's contribution is educational and spiritual. Focus is upon awakening harmony within, which we believe then affects the universe. Commitment, courage, joy, peace, love, creativity and being true to the inner knowingness of harmony with the universe are continually embraced. Awakening to beliefs and qualities of aspiration are the primary convictions at the heart of Life Now.