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Continuing 2012 Alumni Pictures

Neta Hightree Brockway, Cheryl & Doyle Huffman, Rex Sears

Susie Kaufman & George Davis

Greeters Dave Farber, Virgie Stillman Bligh, John Maryott and Jane Hale Farber

George Davis, Bob Kellogg, Enid Penny

George and Lance getting tables set up

Lance and Sarah

Judy Kellogg Anderson, Shirley Kellogg Johnson and Juanita Smith Abbott

Susie Kaufman & Saundra Stillman

Peggy Haeffner, Treasurer

Ethlyn Brewer and Patty Farber Shaw

Lonnie Brewer & George Davis

Scott Coates serving, Kenny Larsen, Denny Peterson

Rex Sears sharing American Legion happenings

'62 Class Memorial
Doyle Huffman for his sister, Betty - Juanita Smith Abbott for her brother, Marvin - Jodi & Janelle for their dad, Virgil Noel - Traci for her dad, Jon Brewer - Bob Richards for his wife, Phyllis Ferguson Richards

That's all, folks!

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