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Reflects a progressive learning experience, sharing one woman's path toward attainment of a gift she seeks to awaken within. It is a universal desire to explore the joyful experiences of reality. She offers tools to the reader for seeking a unique relationship with our Creator. Each individual will see different scenery along the way.


This is the pilgrimage of an average housewife, mother, and working woman, seeking deeper communion with her Creator. Her ultimate goal is to come into awareness as a visionary, to dance with the Wind.

This writing is a progressive learning experience, sharing one woman's path toward attainment of a gift she seeks to awaken within. She offers tools to the reader for seeking a unique relationship with higher power. Each individual will see different scenery along the way.


My quest began with an attempt to understand the effect of desert winds. We were living in the Mojave Desert. The hot, sand-filled blasts gave a feeling of helplessness. I felt I was stagnating. I was praying for freedom from the dense heat and forces of wind that intensified the heat. It also kept the windshield of our car sandblasted.

I could not envision any firm desire of future goals. I was as shifting sands, not developing my life's desires.

I did receive excellent instruction and gained enriching friendships through a spiritually unfolding class. We worked with personal development techniques. Others taught me to appreciate the spaciousness of the desert. It offers freedom. Because it is so expansive, it makes freedom a natural feeling.

Finding a place for privacy on the desert, even amongst foliage, provides opportunity. It concerns attitude. With the release of all concerns, freedom will follow. I like the confinement and privacy of the woods, a place to hide for quiet time. In my today, I am still looking for the privacy of the woods.

I can fantasize an extreme freedom, that of living au naturel. I have not yet given myself this freedom but the possibility opens the door to other freedoms. Any other would not be this extreme and is therefore possible. Someday I may reach the attitude of feeling comfortable being unclothed in my private world. I know there is a spiritual quality in allowing this to happen.

Another discipline that could bring freedom is that of fasting. It brings spiritual qualities for others who experience it. I have not yet taken this discipline. There are other disciplines that can offer spiritual nourishment and empowerment of life and its assurance. Results of discipline depend upon the submissive attitude of the person in the experience.

These opportunities implemented raising the level of awareness. However, these experiences intensified my desire to get away from the extreme heat and wind of the desert.

My mentor found release from her professional position, which resulted in her relocating in another area. I previously waited fifteen years for our move to take place. It happened within three months after my mentor moved. That season of my life was complete. I began a new journey.

I now have opportunity for the geographical privacy more easily accessible but it came through an exchange. My husband's health required an early retirement. We decided to move off the desert. The situation required that I find employment. We did move to a desirable geographical area but the friends and teachers whom I had grown to love and respect were not simulated in our new surroundings.

Acceptance, not tolerance, and enjoying every moment are the keys to fulfillment. Tolerance leaves some unfavorable concerns. Total freedom to accept is the fullness of joy in this moment. It is not present unless less favorables are released.

I have learned one quality lesson through the years. I take time to enjoy every moment. Quality time may not involve a quantity of time but each moment does provide an inner joy that makes all of life a marvelous happening.

Our relocation to a new part of the country was as diving into a pool. Getting settled was as swimming under water, feeling the pressure, enduring for strength and seeking the gift of a breath of air. I could see the gift approaching but I couldn't judge how near it was by the calendar.

Before the move, I carried self-confidence very comfortably. After the move, it slipped away. It provided a challenge greater than I have experienced for many years. I continued my swim under water for ten months after our relocation. Impatience was questioning how much longer I must endure. The answer revealed itself that I would surface when I was ready for the gift.

I realized that I was exercising a preconceived notion about attitudes of others. With my attitude locked into an assumption about these attitudes, I was creating my own barrier.


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